Coyote Hunting Laws In Minnesota – The Facts

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DISCLAIMER: While we have gone to great lengths to ensure accuracy, this information is to be used as a guide only. assumes no responsibility if legislation that effects hunting in an area has changed. Please refer to your local authority for updated rules and regulations. We will do our best to provide contact information in the article below.

This article contains everything you need to know about coyote hunting laws in Minnesota, including where to find current and updated laws.

Coyote hunting is an exciting way to introduce yourself to the sport of hunting. It’s also an important conservation tool that can help keep coyotes from becoming pests in our cities and suburbs.

But before you set out on your next coyote hunt, it’s important that you know the coyote hunting laws in Minnesota!

Coyote Hunting Laws In MinnesotaCoyotes in Minnesota

Coyotes are found throughout Minnesota. The coyote (Canis latrans) is a dog family member. Coyotes are about the same size as medium-sized dogs.

An adult coyote weighs about 20-40 pounds and is about 3 feet long from nose to tail tip. Coyotes live and hunt alone or in pairs, except during the winter months when they form small packs for greater efficiency in hunting prey.

Who Manages Coyote Hunting In Minnesota?

Coyote hunting is governed in Minnesota by the Board of Animal Health (BAH), the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA).

The DNR is responsible for implementing legislation, administering laws and regulations affecting wildlife management, enforcing laws related to animals and fish, maintaining state parks and recreation areas as well as managing land conservation programs.

The MDA oversees all aspects relating to animal health including food inspection through the U.S Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Service program while also enforcing against those who violate state laws on animal welfare issues such as mistreatment or abandonment issues among others; this includes licensing agents who sell dogs/cats prior to purchase so these items will be healthy when you get them home from your pet store!

Is Coyote Hunting Legal In This State?

Yes, coyote hunting is legal in Minnesota. Coyote hunting has been a popular activity for decades, and it’s easy to see why: the opportunity to bag an animal that’s a nuisance on your property or pet-friendly is hard to pass up.

Coyotes can be found throughout Minnesota but usually prefer open spaces with plenty of food sources. They will also make their homes near urban areas if there are leftovers from human settlements nearby (such as garbage).

There is currently no limits on how many you can hunt in the state of Minnesota – Check here for any updates.

Do You Need A Hunting License To Hunt Coyotes In This State?

Minnesota considers coyotes an unprotected species. Therefore, they may be hunted without a license and there is no closed season or bag limit.

Is There A Bounty On Coyotes In This State?

No. There is no bounty on coyotes in Minnesota.


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