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Who Manages Coyote Hunting Illinois?

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources manages coyote hunting laws in Illinois. Those who have further questions or queries should contact the Illinois Department of Natural Resources beforehand.

What are the Coyote Hunting Laws in Illinois?

Coyote hunting is commonplace all over America, and Illinois is no exception. As well as being a prevalent form of pest control, many hobbyists take advantage of the hunting availability, but what are the coyote hunting laws in Illinois?

However, there can be some misunderstanding regarding the rules and legislation in place when hunting in Illinois, especially among those starting out. The following is an overview of the legislation regarding coyote hunting in Illinois, as well as answers to some commonly asked questions.

Is Coyote Hunting Legal in Illinois?

Coyote hunting is legal in Illinois but is prohibited during the firearm deer season, which generally takes place between November and December.

Do You Need a License to Hunt Coyotes in Illinois?

Those wishing to hunt coyotes in Illinois will need a hindering or trapping license which the Illinois Department of Natural Resources issues. There can be exemptions, including those carrying out pest control on their own property and those on active duty with the military.

Although there are exceptions regarding a hunting license, it is advisable to double-check the rule before starting your hunt. A habitat stamp will also be required when hunting in Illinois.

Are There Any Regulations Regarding Blaze Orange?

Hunting in Illinois is carried out to control the population and those who enjoy hunting as a pastime. However, safe hunting must always be promoted. When hunting coyotes in Illinois, there may not be a requirement for blaze orange, but its use ensures other hunters have a clear sight of you.

Blaze orange is commonly used for deer hunting, but checking with the site office can be worthwhile to clarify the requirements when hunting coyotes.

Is There a Bounty on Coyotes in Illinois

There is no bounty for hunting coyotes in Illinois, although landowners may employ the services of hunters as a form of pest control.

What Weapons Are Allowed When Hunting Coyotes in Illinois?

Coyotes can be hunted using any type of calibre handgun, legal rifle, or shotgun. Bows are also permitted when hunting coyotes in Illinois.

Are There Any Limitations Regarding the Use of Sights and Scopes When Hunting Coyote?

Illinois has no restrictions regarding using sights and scopes when hunting coyotes.

Can Electronic Callers and Lights Be Used When Hunting Coyotes in Illinois?

Both lights and electronic callers can be used when hunting coyotes on foot. Hunters are also permitted to use any lenses when using lights. Lights cannot be used on a moving vehicle.

What Other Methods of Coyote Hunting are Allowed in Illinois?

In addition to using firearms and bows, coyote hunting can also be carried out using baiting. However, hunters must ensure that any wild game used for baiting has been harvested legally.

Despite the rules regarding hunting coyotes in Illinois being relaxed, it is advisable to check the regulations and legislation regularly to ensure that you are familiar with any updates or changes to the rules.


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