Best Light for Coyote Hunting at Night

Best Light for Coyote Hunting at Night
Best Light for Coyote Hunting at Night

Any coyote hunter can confirm just how important it is to own the best light for coyote hunting at night.

Like most predators, coyotes are nocturnal, and in the bush, miles away from any light pollution, the nights are pitch-black. Without the use of proper equipment, a hunter doesn’t stand a chance of catching a coyote without an incredible amount of luck.

The most important thing to consider when getting a hunting light is the way it works – how strong the light is, how far it can reach, and what color it is. However, that’s not the only thing that matters – it’s also important to consider the size, durability, quality, weight, etc. To save you from the hassle of browsing through dozens of hunting lights, I wrote a review of Orion M30C, my favorite model. Remember, with the best light to use, night coyote hunting is no hassle. Additionally, here are some great tips for hunting coyotes at night to help you on your adventure.

Orion M30C – The Best Light for Coyote Hunting at Night

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So far, I’ve had many good experiences with hunting gear from the Orion hunting product family. When I got their new hunting light, the Orion M30C, I did that out of trust for the level of quality they maintained. I soon found out that I was completely right to trust them. These hunting lights are better and brighter than any lights I’ve had the chance to try out so far (and I’ve had some experience with quite a few models). The light reaches very far and makes it very easy for me to see. At the same time, the coyotes are completely unaware of it.

I honestly couldn’t think of any way to make this product better because, for me, it has become an indispensable part of any hunting trip. If you have the best light to use, night coyote hunting is a walk in the park. Still, I will try to stay objective and realistically present to you the pros and cons of this product. Eventually, you’ll understand why this is the best light for coyote hunting at night.

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If you have the best light to use, night coyote hunting can be the time of your life

The Orion M30C comes with three Cree XP-E2 LED lights. Now, there are two things that are great about those. First of all, the maximum brightness of each light is 700 lumens, which the manufacturer claims to be able to reach 377 yards. Now, while I haven’t exactly measured the distance myself, I can confirm that the light reaches incredibly far. In any case, it goes far enough for just about any hunter’s needs. It is very bright and allows you to see perfectly clear in just about any environment. Ever since I decided this was the best light to use, night coyote hunting has been effortless for me.

The second great thing about these lights is that they have three different brightness settings. These are incredibly easy to use, as you just have to twist the light head to change between them. On top of that, when you turn the light off and on again, it will remember the brightness setting you used last, which I find very practical. The brightness setting you use determines how long the battery will last.

In my experience, the battery lasts a decent amount of time, especially if you carry a spare one with you. You get to choose one of the following settings: 75 lumens last you 22 hours, 400 lumens last you 4.5 hours, and the strongest setting, 700 lumens, lasts for 1.8 hours.

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As I’ve just explained, the batteries are not a problem with this product. With these lights, you get a smart charger and two very high-quality batteries. Those are rechargeable up to 500 times. I normally use just one of them and keep the other one as a spare. What I especially like is the charger, which comes with an AC and a car power adapter. That way, you can charge the batteries virtually anywhere, and your trip won’t be ruined just because you didn’t think of the batteries hours in advance. You won’t even have to worry about overcharging your batteries (which can be a problem with some hunting gear). The smart charger can detect the status of the battery and will simply stop charging as soon as it is full.

As far as size is concerned, the Orion M30C is relatively small, compact and very portable. The dimensions are the following: the head diameter is 2.5 inches, the tail is 1 inch in diameter, and the whole thing is 6 inches long. Most importantly, the light doesn’t add a lot of weight to the rifle since it weighs only 7.6 oz. Besides that, it is very sturdy and durable, so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged. On top of that, it is also waterproof.

Something I found a bit of a downside at first (although I got used to it in no time) was the fact that the angle of the beam is not adjustable. Also, depending on the gun you’re using, the head can turn out to be too large for the barrel connection piece. As a result, it may rub against the barrel. However, I was not bothered by that at all, especially considering how well the light does its job.

Additional gear

One great aspect of the Orion M30C is that it comes with all the attachments and parts needed to mount any kind of gun depending on what you need. You can mount the light on the scope, rail, or barrel, and the numerous mounting kits allow you to control the light with precision. On top of that, you get a dual control pressure switch, which has a remote pressure pad and a push button. The switch allows you to turn the light on at the precise second you need it, which works great in my experience.

As far as features go, I’d say this light has every coyote hunter’s needs completely covered. The rifle mounting kit you get with it is truly incredible. In fact, I never even had to use most of the additional equipment I got with the light. The parts that I did use all worked flawlessly, which is why I feel that this is the best light for coyote hunting at night.

Most importantly, the light itself helps me see clearly at incredible distances. I never even used it for distances greater than 300 yards, and I don’t know why anyone would need to see that far. The coyotes never noticed it, and I felt like a complete winner after each one of my coyote hunting trips. That is how I came to the conclusion that this light really is a total package, and possibly the best light for coyote hunting at night you can find on the market. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you came across my review by simply searching the Internet for something along the lines of best light to use night coyote hunting – because that string of words would fit this product perfectly.

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Pros and Cons List

Now, those were my general impressions on how the Orion M30C light works. As I’ve already mentioned, I personally find it incredibly useful, durable, and generally practical. It really makes an incredible difference for me every time I’m out hunting for coyotes. All in all, I personally consider this product the best light for coyote hunting at night. Knowing I have the best light to use, night coyote hunting always amounts to a lot of excitement for me.

However, before you decide on a purchase, my rule of thumb when it comes to buying hunting gear is to always look at a clear list of pros and cons. Only then can I rest easy knowing I’m not throwing my money away. After all, without the best light to use, night coyote hunting can be a real hassle instead of fun.


  • The Orion M30C is a sturdy and durable, high-quality light
  • It’s extremely bright, and the beam can reach a great distance (up to 377 yards!)
  • You can see easily under the light, which makes night hunting a lot less frustrating
  • Predators never notice it (in my experience)
  • The only animals that do notice it are rabbits and deer (which you won’t be spotting with lights anyway)
  • It doesn’t add a lot of weight to the rifle
  • Both the red and the green light work great, so it depends on your personal preference
  • Three different brightness settings are available, which can also help you conserve battery hours
  • Two good rechargeable batteries are included in the package, which will last you a long time
  • A practical smart charger is included, which comes with an AC and car adapter
  • You get a great scope, rail, and barrel mounting kit
  • A great ratio of quality and price
  • Overall, this light is an indispensable tool and possibly the best light for hunting coyotes at night


  • The head of the light is a bit too big for the barrel connecting piece, which may cause it to rub against it
  • The angle of the beam is not adjustable
  • You cannot change colors (one light provides you with one color)

Final Thoughts

I think the final verdict is pretty clear here. Frankly, I cannot help but be subjective when it comes to this light because it’s been so useful to me. I have always found hunting at night extremely enjoyable, and coyotes are my favorite game. With this light, I don’t get frustrated anymore when hunting coyotes. I can see everything clearly even in pitch darkness. Besides, I don’t need to camouflage myself or put in any extra effort. In fact, I mostly wear ordinary camo clothes, and sometimes I even stand in the open. The coyotes never seem to notice I am there unless they catch my scent.

If you have the best light to use, night coyote hunting can be the time of your life. All things considered, if you’re on the verge of buying a predator hunting light, I strongly recommend this one. In my experience, this is the best light for coyote hunting at night you can find on today’s market.



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