Coyote Hunting Laws in Nebraska – The Facts

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Coyote Hunting Laws in Nebraska
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Coyote hunting is commonplace in Nebraska and is often carried out as population management. As well as controlling the population of coyotes, hunting also allows farmers and landowners to safeguard their livestock.

Some take part in hunting for sport and enjoyment. In either instance, those wanting to hunt coyotes in Nebraska will find plenty of opportunities available, albeit with some rules and regulations.

Generally, the laws are quite flexible regarding coyote hunting in Nebraska. However, some rules need to be followed. Failing to follow the rules could result in fines or, in some instances, prison.

The following is an overview of some of the commonly asked questions regarding hunting coyotes in Nebraska and a synopsis of the laws that must be followed.

Is Coyote Hunting Legal in Nebraska

Coyote hunting is legal in Nebraska, as the animals are classed as nongame. This means coyotes can be hunted throughout the year using electronic callers and riflescopes. Decoys are also permitted when hunting coyotes in Nebraska, and furbearers have no bag limit.

Non-residents hunting coyotes can harvest up to 1,000 furbearers, with a fee for every additional 100.

Although coyote hunting is legal in Nebraska, there can still be some hunting laws to follow.

What Are the Coyote Hunting Laws in Nebraska?

Those hunting coyotes in Nebraska will need to make themselves aware of the hunting laws, an overview of which follows.

  • Do not fire weapons from the right-of-way of a public road.
  • Hunters cannot use a spotlight on a moving vehicle.
  • Hunt using a vehicle.
  • Hunting coyotes on private land requires the landowner’s permission.

Is Night Hunting Coyotes Allowed in Nebraska?

Night hunting for coyotes is allowed in Nebraska. Hunters can use artificial lighting when hunting coyotes on foot.

Who Manages Coyote Hunting in Nebraska?

Coyote hunting in Nebraska is managed by the Nebraska Games and Parks Commission.

Is There a Bounty on Coyotes in Nebraska?

Currently, there is no bounty on coyotes in Nebraska. However, there can be instances when ranch owners enlist the services of hunters to kill coyotes.

Do You Need a License for Coyote Hunting in Nebraska?

Residents of Nebraska do not require a license when hunting coyotes. However, non-residents of Nebraska will require a small game permit.

Which Weapons are Permitted When Hunting Coyote in Nebraska?

  • .22-caliber rifle that lasts 900 foot-pounds of energy
  • .357 magnum rifle
  • .45 Colt rifle
  • Handguns that deliver 400 foot-pounds or more at 50 yards
  • .44-caliber muzzle loading rifle
  • .62-caliber that fires a single slug
  • A 20-gauge shotgun that fires a single slug
  • Longbow
  • Compound bow
  • Recurve bow
  • Non-electronic shoulder-fired crossbow

Which Weapons are Not Permitted When Hunting Coyote in Nebraska?

  • Semi-automatic firearms that can hold six cartridges or more.
  • Incendiary or full-metal jacket bullets.
  • Ammunition with multiple projectiles.

Given that hunting for coyotes can take place in several environments, it is worth double-checking the rules for each area you want to hunt in. As well as allowing hunters to become more knowledgeable about the rules and legislation regarding coyote hunting in Nebraska, it also ensures that they are aware of any changes in legislation sooner rather than later.


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