Today, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the Lucky Duck Rebel predator call with a thorough review. I’ll be sharing my personal experience and insights with this game-changing product, covering everything from unboxing to setup and actual field experience.

So, if you’re ready to learn more about the Lucky Duck Rebel and its capabilities, grab your camo and let’s get into it!

Lucky Duck Rebel Caller - Premium Decoys

Unboxing the Lucky Duck Rebel:

When I first received the Lucky Duck Rebel, I was impressed with the packaging. Great care has been taken to make the excitement of unboxing quite the experience. They are positioning themselves as ‘premium decoys‘ with the tagline ‘masters of deception’.

Quite the claim indeed!

Inside the box, I found the call itself, a remote, and the decoy. The remote features volume control and buttons for various calls, including:

  • Baby rabbit
  • Cottontail
  • Coyote fight
  • Crow battle
  • Female howl
  • Jackrabbit
  • Male howl
  • Pup in distress
  • Pup fight
  • Raccoon distress
  • Woodpecker
  • and a stop button

Setting up the Rebel:

The call is lightweight and comes with a handle, making it easy to carry around. To set up the decoy, just pop the top and slide the tail into place. While it may feel a bit cheap in terms of the plastic used, it should hold up as long as you’re not hunting in heavy rain.

The battery compartment holds 10 AA batteries (5 on each side), which are not included. The back tab for the charger is a bit flimsy, so be careful with it. The on/off switch and clip for the remote complete the setup.

Lucky Duck Rebel battery compartment holds 10 AA batteries (5 on each side)

Performance Evaluation:

The Lucky Duck Rebel has an effective range of up to 300 yards, and the decoy provides realistic movement to further entice predators.

The remote control allows for easy and quick changes between calls, and the volume control ensures the sound reaches the intended audience.

While other predator calls on the market, such as the FOXPRO Inferno and Primos Alpha Dogg, boast similar features, the Rebel stands out due to its user-friendly interface and variety of preloaded calls.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • 12 preloaded calls for various hunting scenarios
  • Decoy with realistic movement
  • Remote control for easy call changes and volume control


  • Flimsy battery compartment and charger tab
  • Decoy build quality could be better – very ‘plasticky’

Suitability and Use Cases:

The Lucky Duck Rebel is ideal for predator hunters who want a versatile and user-friendly call system. It is suitable for various hunting environments and can be used to attract coyotes, foxes, and other predators. For hunters looking for more advanced features, the FOXPRO Fusion or Primos Turbo Dogg may be a better fit.

Product Evolution:

The Lucky Duck Rebel is an evolution of the company’s previous models, such as the Lucky Duck Riot and Roughneck. The Rebel has improved on its predecessors by offering a wider variety of preloaded calls and a more user-friendly remote control.

Key Decision-Making Factors:

When choosing a predator call, factors to consider include the range, the variety of calls, ease of use, and build quality. The Lucky Duck Rebel performs well in these categories, making it a solid choice for predator hunters.

Design Choices and Impact on Users:

The Rebel’s design choices, such as the lightweight build and comfortable handle, make it easy to carry and transport. However, some of the materials used, like the battery compartment and charger tab, could be improved to ensure durability.

First Field Experience:

Now, let’s talk about my first time using the Lucky Duck Rebel in the field. Dressed in my white ghillie suit and armed with my trusty .243, I ventured out into a new spot, which my buddy Paul and I had only scouted once before. With a fresh layer of snow on the ground, it was the perfect day for coyote hunting.

I set up the call down a hillside and started with the baby rabbit distress call. After about 10 minutes of calling, I switched to the Cottontail distress call. Although I didn’t see any coyotes during this first setup, I remained optimistic.

A Different Spot:

I decided to change my location, heading up the road to a field that opened up quite a bit. This time, I used the female howl call. To my excitement, I heard barking and yipping nearby. The coyotes seemed to be about 400 yards out, but they were slowly making their way towards me. At this point I was getting pretty excited.

As the coyotes got closer, I switched to the pup distress call. Unfortunately, they didn’t come any closer, and I wasn’t able to get a shot. Despite not bagging a coyote, the experience was thrilling, and I could see the potential of the Lucky Duck Rebel.

Final Thoughts

The Lucky Duck Rebel is a fantastic tool for any serious predator hunter. While the build quality might not be perfect, it does the job in attracting coyotes and other predators.

Just be prepared for the heart-pounding excitement when the coyotes start responding to the calls! If you’re looking to up your predator hunting game, give the Lucky Duck Rebel a try – it just might become your new secret weapon.

Happy hunting, and stay safe out there!


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