Best Bang For Your Buck – The FOXPRO Inferno Review

FOXPRO Inferno
FOXPRO Inferno review

Hunting is definitely a sport which has changed a lot. Unlike before, modern hunters have a range of useful technology at their disposal. However, the presence of tech does not make hunting any less of a challenge. Those devices are, after all, nothing more than devices. So, a true hunter needs to rely on skill and expertise to use them in the right way. It is just as important to choose the right device, with which you’ll know exactly what you are doing. We will see in this FOXPRO Inferno review if this is the right predator call for you.

Hunters are starting to rely more and more on e-calls when hunting various predators. The fact is that predators present a great challenge even for experienced hunters. Such animals are intelligent and cunning. Besides that, their senses are highly developed as they are hunters themselves. Predators see, hear and sense more than other animals.

The old-fashioned way of hunting predators is by imitating their calls with your mouth. That way, you can trick even the most cunning animal and lead it right into your trap. However, these mouth call techniques are hard to master and outdated. Today, you can use electronic predator or game calls for this purpose, which can store a multitude of different sounds.

An e-call is a complex device with many functions and specific uses. You want to be sure you’ve chosen the best one available. That is why I am here to tell you all about my experience with the handy FOXPRO Inferno electronic predator call.


I don’t normally write reviews of my hunting gear, but with the FOXPRO Inferno, I decided to make an exception. I wanted to share the fact that the FOXPRO Inferno is one of the best predator calls within its price range. This device comes with a variety of features which can make hunting way more intense and faster for any hunter.

The FOXPRO inferno is not too big, with the official dimensions listed as 7.5″ x 3.75″ x 5″. What I love about it is that it weighs a mere 1.5 lbs, with batteries included. It’s extremely portable and practical, so you won’t be bothered hauling it around. It takes 4 AA batteries to power up the main unit and 3 AA batteries for the remote. As for the speaker, it has a single horn speaker which produces sounds of more than decent quality. If you need more volume than usual, you can easily add an extra speaker via the external jack.

As for the features of the FOXPRO Inferno, I’ll get into detail about those and tell you about my experiences. But overall, it’s been very effective for me, and my chickens and livestock are especially grateful for the lack of predators in the area. You can use it for all kinds of animals because it comes with many different sounds, and you can even add your own files. In short, it works fast and gets the job done. Buckle up as we get into the meaty details of the Foxpro inferno review!

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Key Features

Here’s an outline of the key features of the FOXPRO Inferno electronic predator call.

●      User-friendly Interface

The FOXPRO Inferno comes with a large-screen remote which is very easy to figure out. When you’re out hunting, and your game is near, you know you don’t have any time to waste on figuring out a complicated device. For me, FOXPRO Inferno was easy enough to get used to that I’m using it by reflex now, without putting any thought into it. I’m also happy with the fact that the display is bright and large enough to be visible under any weather conditions.

●      Remote Control

The remote is one of my favorite features of the FOXPRO Inferno. It works at a very decent range and gives you all the options you need. You can use the remote to swap between different sound categories in your library. Since you can customize everything, you can easily make this work for you. Overall, there are two preset buttons on the remote, as well as a pair of volume control buttons and a mute button.

●      Great Sound Library

The FOXPRO Inferno comes with 75 pre-installed animal sounds. Now, like most of us, I know the e-call sound makes all the difference when hunting, so I like to get very specific. That is why I appreciate the fact that this device can store up to 200 sounds, which has proven more than enough for me. Also, you get to organize your sounds into categories, which makes it incredibly easy to use. You won’t be wasting time looking for the right file if you’ve organized them the way you wanted.

●      Sound Quality

Most kinds of game have a keen, far-reaching sense of hearing. If your e-call device isn’t producing natural-sounding, high-quality calls, you’re not fooling anyone. What’s also important is the fact that you’ll be playing sounds at various volumes and the quality needs to be maintained regardless of loudness. I find the FOXPRO Inferno very reliable when it comes to sound quality. Even the pre-recorded sounds get the job done for me.

●      Reprogrammable

As I’ve already said, the FOXPRO Inferno is very customizable, which is very important to me. It is very easy to use since it comes with a standard USB port. Basically, it’s the same as with any other USB device. You simply connect it to your home computer, and you have full access to the sound library. All the main sound file formats are supported, so you can add MP3, WAV and FXP sounds.

●      External Speaker Jack

FOXPRO Inferno comes with a 3.5mm external speaker jack. There, you can plug in another speaker if you need to boost the volume. Now, I don’t use additional speakers too often, but I know they can come in really useful. It all depends on the acoustics of the environment, which can be affected by weather. If you live in a snowy area, you know what I mean by that. Overall, it’s good to have it as an option, and it takes no effort to add more speakers.

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●      Internal Speaker Switch

This switch enables you to turn the internal speaker on and off.

●      Auxiliary Jack

You can use the 3.5mm auxiliary jack to link up your FOXPRO Inferno with a FOXPRO Decoy. While in some cases sounds can be enough to attract predators, remember that those are cunning creatures. They will probably seek some kind of visual confirmation for the sound before deciding to check it out. That is where the decoy device comes into play. It’s possible to go without a visual decoy, but if you’re really serious about hunting, you will love using it. These two devices work perfectly well together and are very easy to link.

●      Battery indicator

It’s important to know how much charge is left in your batteries when you’re out in the field. The battery indicator glows a steady green when the battery is full and starts blinking once it becomes low. Always remember to bring extra batteries for your predator e-call before going out.

●      Tripod mount

I love the FOXPRO Inferno tripod because I find it easy to use on all kinds of terrain. Besides that, I like how the tripod mount is included with the core product. You won’t waste any time mounting your e-call in the field.

●      Warranty

The warranty for the FOXPRO Inferno is three years. If you truly like hunting and never miss a season, that’s really more than enough time to test out the product. I’ve never used my warranty since everything has been working up to this date.

●      Made in the USA!

Now, you can be patriotic and get something out of it. Here are some more high quality American made predator callers. This is one of my favorite things about Foxpro!


Let’s get into the pros and cons of the FOXPRO Inferno electronic predator call. I’ll do my best to stay objective and help you make your own judgment.

FOXPRO Inferno Pros:

  • FOXPRO Inferno is lightweight, practical and easily portable.
  • It is sturdy and will last you a long time.
  • It’s also very user-friendly, you can turn it on and off, change the volume, etc.
  • The price is reasonable for the quality and the number of features you get.
  • The sound quality is excellent.
  • You have many different sounds at your disposal.
  • You can organize the sounds into categories.
  • The remote control works great and is very easy to use.
  • You can modify it, add more speakers, sounds, etc.
  • It comes with a USB port, and you can easily connect it to a PC.
  • The tripod is very stable and sturdy.
  • The long warranty is always a plus.

FOXPRO Inferno Cons:

  • You’ll end up buying more calls. The starter package is very good, but over time, you’ll want to get serious and expand your range. Keep that in mind when buying.
  • You can update your sound categories on your main unit, but not via the remote.
  • You have to keep it out of the rain since it’s not waterproof.
  • The battery power doesn’t last especially long. It’s somewhat understandable since the product offers a decent range of features, but it would be nice if it lasted longer.
  • You will need to use an additional speaker if you’re hunting in the rain, wind or snow.

Why Buy The FOXPRO Inferno?

Overall, I find the FOXPRO Inferno well worth my time and money. It has proven to be a very good investment for me.

When it comes to hunting gear, you don’t have unlimited options, and complex devices like e-calls tend to be on the expensive side. Still, most hunters are ready to pay a good buck as long as the product delivers on its promises. Unfortunately, it’s way too easy to end up with a cheaply imported e-call device of mediocre quality. Such products cost a lot despite their lack of quality and are a total waste of money. Hence, why I have written this Foxpro Inferno review.

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I like what the FOXPRO Inferno offers when compared to most of its competition. I’d say the ratio of quality and price works in your favor. It offers a huge number of options and features which you aren’t likely to find in other products. That especially applies to the sound storage capacity. Having a maximum of 200 sounds at your disposal means you can build a decent collection of calls and never have to think about it twice.

And even with all these options included, the FOXPRO Inferno is still very easy to use. It doesn’t take long to figure out how to operate it, and all the options are clear and easy to see in various weather conditions. The remote control works great at a decent range and is very fast. Overall, with FOXPRO Inferno, you won’t be able to blame your tech if you’re a lousy hunter since it works great.

 Final Thoughts

I hope my review has helped you make a decision. All things considered, I strongly believe that a high-quality tool is worth every cent as long as it gets the job done. A knock-off product will only make you frustrated and won’t last you a long time.

The FOXPRO Inferno has worked great for me, as the game would sometimes show up almost instantly. Besides, it works especially well when paired with other FOXPRO products, such as the decoy. If you are really passionate about hunting, you deserve the proper gear, and you won’t make a mistake with FOXPRO Inferno.


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