Everything You Need – The ICOtec GC320 Review

The ICOtec GC320
The ICOtec GC320 Review

The ICOtec GC320 is an electronic predator game call and decoy combo. It features all the options and capabilities a hunter could ever need to lure in their prey. It can call coyotes, bobcats, foxes, crows, and many other animals with ease. That means you can now get rid of vermin and dangerous animals easier than ever before!

In this review, we will be taking a look at the most important aspects of this product. First, we will look at the Key Features in detail. Then we will go over a list of the pros and cons. Finally, we will offer a few important reasons why you might like to buy the ICOtec GC320, before concluding.

With all that in mind, let us get started with the Key Features.

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Key Features

Before settling on buying any product, it is vital for you to know what it can do. To that end, in this section, we are going to look at the capabilities of the ICOtec GC320. These include the number and type of calls, the remote control abilities, the PD400 decoy, as well as other features.

24 Call Types – The ICOtec GC320 boasts as many as 24 different call types. They range from coyote and bobcat calls to crow and fox calls. These are pre-loaded, and they were specially designed to be indistinguishable from calls the animals make themselves

On top of that, the GC320 delivers two even more impressive features. Firstly, it allows you to play two separate calls at once. That is a very valuable option to have for several reasons. You can attract two types of predator at once, but you can also use the second call to make the primary call sound more natural. That way, you are more likely to attract the animals you are interested in.

Secondly, the GC320 also features an auxiliary audio jack. The jack allows you to connect external speakers to the device. This is useful for people who need extreme volumes, so the animals hear the calls throughout the property. Still, users have noted that the range of the device on its own is very impressive. The call is audible more than 500 yards away. However, if you need more volume for your property, the GC320 has you covered as well.

The PD400 Decoy – The other main feature of the ICOtec GC320 is the PD400 Decoy that comes with it. This device is attached to the main body of the GC320, and it bolsters the attractive capabilities of the system.

The PD400 is essentially a decoy that moves around automatically. You can change the type of decoy you place at the top of the device depending on the animal you are interested in. Furthermore, LED lights illuminate the decoy, so that the animals will be able to see it in the dark.

Looks are not everything, however. The decoy has to feel natural so that the animal will be drawn in. We do that by having the decoy move around in a believable way. The PD400 has taken this principle and improved upon it significantly. It offers a few movement modes, at the direction of the hunter.

You can control the speed at which the decoy moves, as well as the type of movement. The device even allows you to control the movement dynamically by remote. One particularly useful feature is the intermittent movement option. This instructs the device to move the decoy only seldom, at seemingly random intervals. That makes it more believable for the predator, as it mimics the natural behavior of its prey.

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Remote control – One of the standout features of the GC320 is its remote control. It allows you to control almost all of the options available on the device at a safe distance. That way, you can stay well hidden, and wait for your opportunity to strike.

The remote has an effective range of around 300 yards, which is very impressive on its own. However, there is another factor that makes the remote even more useful. Namely, it doesn’t require an uninterrupted line of sight to operate. You can place your remote control safely inside an enclosed space, and it will still work fine.

The remote is a vital tool in the hunter’s arsenal. It allows you to control the GC320 in real time, making decisions as to how to best attract your prey. By using binoculars in conjunction with the remote, you can make the process of luring your animal much more efficient. You can even guide it into a preset trap by using the options on the PD400 Decoy. That means you can avoid having to fire a gun, but where’s the fun in that?

Warranty – The final Key Feature we should take a look at is the warranty that comes with the GC320 system. It is a 1-year factory warranty, which means your device is in good hands. The warranty covers the usual liabilities, animal-related damage, so you should be careful.

Pros and Cons

Now that we have seen the Key Features of the GC320, we need to put them into perspective. The responsible way to do that is to go through a list of pros and cons for the device. That way, the potential buyer can decide for themselves whether the product is worth it. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the pros first.


  • Complete Package: The GC320 comes pre-packed with everything you need to start exterminating vermin right away. It includes a predator call, a fully-controllable decoy, a remote control, and several decoy tops. The only thing you need to add is batteries!
  • Amazing sound capabilities: The predator call features 24 high-quality calls for different species. ICOtec designed these to cover all the calls you may need to get rid of unwanted intruders. The speaker that comes with the device is loud, and audible as far as 500 yards away. However, if you need even more volume, you can plug in external speakers as well.
  • Great remote control: The remote control that comes with the GC320 is arguably its most important feature. It allows you to stay hidden and out of danger while giving you full control of the device. Using the remote, you can switch sounds, increase or decrease the volume, as well as control the PD400 decoy.
  • PD400 Decoy: The PD400 decoy that is part of the package is an invaluable addition to the system. It has several modes of movement, which you can fully control remotely, and it can mimic the natural movement of prey. LED lights are also there to increase its drawing powers.
  • Sturdiness: Many users have independently noted how sturdy the GC320 is. People have reported that it withstood falling from heights, as well as animal attacks, and other extreme conditions. It came out virtually unscathed in every instance.


  • Can’t import sounds: The GC320 comes with 24 lifelike sounds, but some users would like to have the ability to add their own sounds to it. The device does not currently support this.
  • Non-standard batteries: Other users have pointed out that the batteries the GC320 uses can be hard to find in some environments. We advise you to see whether you can find these batteries in your area before making a purchase.
  • Sensitive remote: Users have also complained that the buttons on the remote are quite sensitive to wear and tear. They recommend not letting the buttons get into contact with anything if you can help it.

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Why Buy The ICOtec GC320?

Having seen the Key Features and the Pros and Cons, we arrive at the central question of this review – why should you buy the GC320?

Naturally, the answer to that question depends on you and your needs. A great number of users have purchased this device to help them get rid of vermin on their properties. Most of the users are actually farmers who want to protect their crops and livestock.

The GC320 is particularly well-suited for use on a farm because of its range. Most users report that the call can be heard throughout their farm and that the remote covers most of the distance. The actual sounds the device features are also well-suited for farm use, especially in the United States. That is because it features coyote, bobcat, fox, and other sounds and calls.

However, that is not to say that it can’t be used for trophy hunting as well. If you want to hunt in a forest, you need to take some factors into account. Firstly, a forest is usually much bigger than a farm. That means you have to think strategically about where you want to place the device, and where you want to place yourself. Since hunters prefer using guns rather than traps, try setting the device up on a low point, and stake it out from a high point.

Secondly, the GC320 can play two different calls at once. This can be useful to a hunter if you are looking for both of those animals. However, you can also play the call for one animal to lure in another. It is that sort of flexibility, along with the remote control abilities of the device that makes the GC320 perfectly suited for trophy hunting as well, with a few adjustments.

Even though this device was designed with extermination in mind, that does not preclude more non-violent uses. This device is also perfect for nature enthusiasts who want to observe, rather than kill these predators. Again, the remote control abilities are perfect for this use. The remote control can allow the researcher to test out the response of an animal to a particular sort of sound or movement, from a safe distance.

Ultimately, the GC320 is what you make of it. If you choose to buy it, you will get a product that will support you in whatever you see fit to do with it.

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Final thoughts

In this review, we have taken a look at the Key Features of the GC320. We have seen how the device operates, and what its capabilities are. The thing that makes the GC320 stand out is its flexibility and responsiveness. It gives the hunter more control over every aspect of its operation than competing systems.

There are a few problems with the device as well, but we feel that the benefits more than make up for them. In the end, the choice is up to you. We hope that this review has helped you make a decision as to whether the ICOtec GC320 is the right fit for your particular needs!


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