New From ICOtec – The ICOtec Night Stalker Review

ICOtec Night Stalker Review
ICOtec Night Stalker

In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of predators. Consequently, there is a significant decline in the number of animals they prey on, such as deer, hens, and rabbits. What’s worse is that predators such as coyotes, wolves and wild cats are now blood-hungry and showing up in human settlements as well.

Owing to these circumstances (and personal hobbies), there is an increasing demand for predator hunters. However, as essential as their job is, it is also extremely risky. Exposure to infections, venomous snakes, smugglers, and obviously, the predators themselves are just a few examples. If you’re a predator hunter, then you know what we are talking about.

Predator Hunting Essentials

While a great shotgun or rifle can be an important asset, it isn’t the only thing that hunters need when they are on the field.

For instance, most of the hunting happens at night because that’s when the predators are awake and looking for their prey. So hunting equipment has to be equally efficient both during the day and at night.

Furthermore, to lure the animals to a certain spot, hunters fake the calls of different animals that the predators usually feed on. Therefore, mastering these calls is also as important as a shotgun. Otherwise, the hunter might just invite the predator to feast on them.

Considering all of the above, what if we told you that there is a way to make your job easier? Or perhaps, “safer”?

ICOtec Night Stalker — The Ultimate Predator Hunting Solution

Recently, ICOtec launched an awesome product called the Night Stalker Programmable Call, which could be the answer to every hunter’s prayer. It covers all of the requirements we discussed above, and much much more.

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This product was designed exclusively by professionals, which means it’s safe to say that it is of exceptional quality. You can expect to own this call for a very long time.

The Night Stalker comes with a handle that makes carrying it around easier. The user can mount it on a tripod if necessary. Meanwhile, the speaker sits on two legs, so the sound waves are released up into the air. This prevents the ground from absorbing most of the sound waves.

On its side, the device has four ports. The first port is for the external speaker. The second one is to sync any programming done to the caller with the remote. The third port is for attaching a decoy to the caller. Finally, it has a fourth USB port with two internal storage compartments.

In addition, the power switch is on the side, so there is no need to worry about accidentally turning it off.

The Night Stalker has 240 different sounds, and each and every one of them is of excellent quality. To be precise, it comes with a 10-watt mega speaker. It includes the different sounds of rabbits, pigs, dogs, coyotes, woodpeckers, blackbirds, mockingbirds, and so many others as well.

Even the variations within the sounds of the animals are impressive. For instance, the sound of a coyote can be that of a female, a lonely male, an angry male or even the coyote’s howl. We can also add sounds to its memory. In fact, it can store up to 500 sounds.

Moreover, the Night Stalker has a unique 300-yard non-line-of-sight remote range and a durable 360° antenna. Non-line-of-sight (NLOS) refers to radio transmissions whose path is not hindered by physical objects. This means dense trees or such barriers won’t affect the quality of the sound. This is one of the best ICOtec calls I have tested!

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So, even if we place the Night Stalker on a tree, with a couple of trees on either side, the predator will still hear the calls very clearly. Since most hunting takes place in the jungles, we thought this feature was very clever.

Yes, we said ON A TREE. This device is built in such a way that its handle provides a strong grip and can even be hung on the branches of a tree. This way, we won’t have to worry about carrying it around in case of emergency. We can also place it somewhere far from where we want to position ourselves.

However, even if there aren’t any trees around, we can still use it. The Night Stalker comes with a tripod stand, which we can mount and place on any solid ground.

Now, let’s analyze its awesome features in detail.

Key Features


Having 240 different sounds such as chatter, screams, and cries of various animals isn’t the Night Stalker’s only cool feature. 50 of these sounds were designed by the world-class predator hunter, Tony Tebbe. Tebbe’s expert predator calls have made his name popular in the predator hunting industry and around the world.

But that’s not all. The device has an option called “Fav 1” and “Fav 2,” which allows the user to add certain calls from the list into a Favorites list. This way, the user won’t have to go through a list of 240 sounds every time they want to play one.

What’s more, this device allows the user to “mix and match” as well. It has options to play two sounds at the same time and provides separate buttons to play and pause the two audios. This means that we can play the sound of one animal’s attack and another one’s screams simultaneously. Basically, we can stage a whole fight between two preys just using this one device. Isn’t that an awesome way of tricking the predator?

As we’ve already mentioned, the Night Stalker can hold up to 500 different sounds, giving the user a chance to add files based on the predator they are hunting. The supported file formats are .mp3 and .wav. It also has a library filled with free and unlimited sounds available for downloading.


The non-line-of-sight range is 300 yards, which is the equivalent of three football fields. Therefore, the hunter can stay at a safe distance away from the device and the predator.

Even the remote has several user-friendly features. For instance, the screen display has a day/night option. The hunter can also adjust the screen brightness to accommodate the circumstances.


The screen is big, and the options aren’t too tricky to figure out. The options available are menu, decoy, fav 1 and fav 2, play 1 and play 2, stop, the call keys, the volume keys and coax. Really simple, right?

The Night Stalker also has an extraordinary battery life. However, users don’t get the caller and the remote batteries along with the device. It is up to the consumer to purchase them if they choose to buy the product. Nonetheless, the caller uses a 10AA battery, and the remote uses a 4AA one.

Finally, the package comes with all the necessary cables and a strong, mountable tripod as well.

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The Pros and Cons of The Night Stalker


The Night Stalker puts an end to the old-fashioned ways of having to memorize different calls for predators. With one click, the hunter can play any sound they want. Once you get used to the list on the screen, you won’t even have to take your eyes off the field as you navigate through the list of sounds.

The best part is that the quality of the sound is excellent and that obstacles such as trees won’t affect it.

Furthermore, the Night Stalker is an affordable device and is very easy to maneuver. It isn’t too heavy to carry around, which is a great benefit, especially in times of emergency or distress. It’s built in such a way that it can hang off a branch, so the hunter won’t have to worry about carrying the equipment as they move around the field.

While the cost-effectiveness of this product is definitely a plus, it isn’t the only reason why it’s so popular in the industry. We already mentioned how unique and user-friendly its features are.

The screen has options to increase/decrease brightness. This may seem unnecessary, but it will prove to be very useful when hunting in places like the desert. Quite often, a lot of hunters are lured into places where wild animals are free to reside.

The effectiveness and ease with which it can be handled are also strong reasons why hunters are becoming increasingly fond of this device.


Despite all the pros of this device, there are some cons as well. For example, the caller’s and remote’s batteries don’t come in the package.

Moreover, having a programmable caller doesn’t entirely eliminate the dangers of predator hunting. For example, sometimes the predators surprise the hunters from behind. No Night Stalker can fix this problem.

Why Buy The ICOtec Night Stalker

Clearly, the pros of the Night Stalker programmable call outweigh its cons. It’s an amazing device that can make life easier for all the predator hunters out there. It is not too expensive, you can purchase it online, and it’s also extremely user-friendly. It is definitely a device we would recommend to hunters of every age and qualification.

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Our Final Thoughts

Predator hunters always live on the edge — they never know when animals or smugglers will attack them. So anything that can ease their task would be warmly welcomed.

One such device that we would recommend is ICOtec’s Night Stalker programmable call. With its countless calls ranging from rabbits to hyenas, it will undoubtedly become every hunter’s best friend.

There won’t be a need to imitate the calls of animals anymore, which can save multiple lives on the field. The hunter can focus their eyes on the field without concentrating on making the right kind of call because the Night Stalker will do that for them.


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