Best ICOtec Predator Calls

Best ICOtec Predator Calls
Best ICOtec Coyote Calls

Hunting requires an immense amount of patience.

You’re constantly subjected to a variety of circumstances. Some of these require day-long procedures if you’re looking to catch larger and more rapid preys. So, you’re better off using all the help you can get. When it comes to calling your prey, you have some outstanding electronic predator game calls to rely on. That is why I thought that reviewing their best products will help you guys. In this article, we’ll look at the best ICOtec predator calls out there.

ICOtec Electronic Game Calls and Decoys is a pretty solid company. It engineers devices that make the hunter’s job infinitely easier. ICOtec has manufactured game call units that never failed professional hunters over the years. Here’s what you need to know about them.

About ICOtec

ICOtec is a game changer for hunters out there. Although the company isn’t the most famous in the industry, it has brought us some of the most practical hunting tools. It has easily established itself as one of the best developers of animal attraction devices in the world. I’m not overexaggerating here.

With ICOtec’s tools, you don’t have to sacrifice your results for the sake of saving money. All you have to do is set up one of their devices and let your prey come to you. The units developed and sold by ICOtec are incredibly successful with a wide range of animals. You can use most of their calls on coyotes, jackrabbits, fawns, crows, raccoons, woodpeckers, bobcats and cottontails, among others.

These wonders are made from high-quality nylon materials and are double glued and stitched for enhanced longevity. It’s no wonder they have proved themselves to be reliable. Furthermore, most of ICOtec’s products have the same exterior design and only vary in their functionalities and features. The whole range of available products is very durable and easy to operate. They’ll survive the roughest of hunting trips and serve you well at every turn.

You can’t really go wrong with these units because they are loud and easy to operate, even for beginners. If you can handle a TV remote, then you can handle an ICOtec product as well. To make things even better, most of them come at an impressively low price.

It’s good value for your money, even if you’re unsure about using a game call. A good predator game call will practically pay its price off if you’re hunting for fur. So, check out the best ICOtec predator calls and see which would suit your needs.

ICOtec GC300

This device became Amazon’s top seller among big predator calls and lures after its debut. Also, the CG300 is easily one of the best ICOtec predator calls out there. It’s made of sturdy plastic, so it’s pretty robust, but you should still handle it with care. You need not worry about anything else because the GC300 does its job correctly. It has 24 lifelike calls pre-installed, and you can install 24 distinctive calls of your own. Uniquely, you can do it without facing a complex task. You can do it without memorizing complex programming or sequences.

Just place it as far as 300 yards from the remote and start calling your prey with a push of a button. It doesn’t have to be in your line of sight, so you can hide it very effectively.  Both you and the animals will definitely hear it from a great distance, thanks to the loud 15 W speaker.

To top it off, the price is truly amazing. You can get it for $78.49, making it one of the cheapest and most effective predators calls out there.

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ICOtec GC350

The ICOtec GC350 is a strong player in the game, even though it’s not too famous yet. Its extensive feature set distinguishes it from the competition. It’s also very durable thanks to its robustness and size. Such a large size has made space for a large speaker too, which is why the CG350 is one of the loudest calls on the market. It’s no surprise that it is easily one of the best ICOtec predator calls out there.

You can even connect your own speakers to it if you need some additional volume. You have 24 pre-programmed animal sounds to start hunting with, or you can install your own. The device has an SD card slot, a backlit screen, and numerous control buttons. If you want, you can also use two call sounds simultaneously. ICOtec has made it very easy to add your own audio files, so anyone can use it. Also, $129.99 is pretty cheap for such a high-end device.

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ICOtec GC320 Predator Call/Decoy Combo


Similarly to other predator calls, the new CG320 includes 24 pre-programmed sounds and an LED backlight screen for night hunters. You can rely on its battery life for an astonishingly long period of time. Furthermore, it’s tough and durable, capable of lasting on even the most demanding hunting trips. The most exceptional feature of the GC320 device is the integrated PD400 decoy that produces extreme results. It has a speed dial control, auto-run capability and intermittent motion, among other features. Similarly to other ICOtec products, the price is very decent, as this device won’t cost you more than $149.99.

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ICOtec GC500

If you really need to go all out when you’re hunting for coyotes, the CG500 is one of the best ICOtec predator calls you can find. Its ability to hold 200 sounds that you can download from ICOtec’s site is truly admirable. Its core features remain the same as other ICOtec predator calls, with 24 built-in calls for various animals, long battery life, and a 300-yard remote range. Furthermore, the 15 W speaker and the support for an external speaker through an auxiliary jack are also the same. Finally, you can use two animal sounds at the same time, depending on what you need. Using the LED backlight remote, you can easily hunt at night and line up a few coyotes. Moreover, the $145.50 price tag makes it one of the best deals out there.

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ICOtec GC101XL

For those of you who need something really small and compact, here’s a really great option. Introducing the ICOtec GC101XL, which is the smallest and cheapest predator call at ICOtec. These facts made it one of the best ICOtec predator calls on the market.

You can place it on your belt when you are carrying it around and hide it in small spaces. However, with such a small size, a few limitations are inevitable. The GC101XL only has a 100-yard remote range and a 5-watt speaker. But I think it’s capable of covering most needs out there. The battery life is great, and the device holds 12 high-quality, realistic calls. Considering how any coyotes you’ll catch with this, a price of $49.99 is practically a steal.

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You no longer have to learn to use various whistles and waste your precious breath. You can enjoy hunts lasting for days and attract animals with a push of a button. So enjoy making your next hunting trip the most fun and efficient one yet!


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