Best Rated Electronic Predator Call – Primos Alpha Dogg Review

Primos Alpha Dogg
Primos Alpha Dogg Review

Living near woods or forests is beautiful. However, it can also be risky. There is always a chance for a predator to come by. In fact, a lot of people have had issues with coyotes hounding them, their families, and their pets. There were even reports of coyotes climbing 7-foot walls and slaughtering pets in the yard. So, it is clear that not even a tall fence can offer enough protection. This is exactly where my Primos Alpha Dogg review comes into play.

Sometimes, you simply have to put the predator down. However, following them into the forest can be very dangerous. You never know how aggressive they can get. So, instead, I would recommend getting a tool to draw the predator out from the forest.

This is where my favorite electronic predator call comes into play. The Primos Alpha Dogg is one of the best tools you can get to protect yourself, your kids, and your pets. It has a very nice camo design, the speakers are excellent, and the sounds are very authentic. In fact, most Primos Alpha Dogg reviews can’t stop praising the realistic sounds. It makes sense, as this electronic call is the result of years of experience of Randy Anderson, a famous predator hunter.


Primos is a well-known name in the hunting world, and people have been putting their faith in Primos products for years. So, when I was asking around which caller I should go with, every single hunter I know told me to go with Primos. After all, they have been making the top-of-the-line equipment for over four decades now.

Let’s start by covering the most basic information first. The first thing I noticed when I opened to box is how durable this product seems. Also, it was a lot more portable than I expected from the pictures. Namely, its dimensions are 10.5 x 6.1 x 7.2 inches and it weighs less than 4 pounds. The best part? When I fold it up, I can almost fit it in my jacket pocket. But, to be fair, I have really large pockets on my jacket.

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Some electronic callers just give you a couple of individual sounds you can use. I found that the Alpha Dogg is nothing like that. It not only comes with 75 sounds by default, but you can download up to a thousand of them. But, more on that later.

Key Features

I have to tell you I was not ready for the number of features this electronic caller offers. That includes the sound selection, the power of the speakers, the camo design, the collapsible stand that serves to protect the speakers, and even the incredibly useful remote control. So, let’s take some time and go over everything this caller has to offer.

The Speakers

One thing everyone knows about a caller is that the speakers are the most crucial part. You want to have speakers that are powerful, directional, and don’t distort sounds. After all, failing to provide any of those options usually makes for an unsuccessful hunt.

The Alpha Dogg has all of those boxes checked. It features rotational cone 20-watt speakers. The sound is crystal clear, and you can direct them at full 180 degrees. Oh, and, let’s not forget the horn speaker in the middle that boasts even more power at 25 watts. The reviews say that animals come from miles away.

Of course, I simply had to check how loud the speakers can be.  So, I got into my car and drove until I couldn’t hear the speaker anymore. I have to say, I did have to cross over half a mile to stop hearing the speaker altogether. However, I would recommend being mindful of how powerful these speakers are. If you notice a coyote getting anywhere near the speaker, you should lower the volume. These speakers are actually so loud that, on maximum settings, they can scare the predators away. A great thing about them is that they will do so no matter which sound you play.

Another thing I appreciate is the fact that the sound is very clear. Any distortion could potentially warn the predator of the trap, so I am very happy I didn’t notice any.

Furthermore, the back of this device sports audio in and audio out ports, as well as a USB port. That means that you actually have complete freedom over customizing your hunt. You can add more speakers to it, you can connect your MP3 player, and you can even reprogram the hunts.

Lastly, setting the speakers up was superbly easy. I just took them out of the box and unfolded them into the position.

The Design

As with everything else you use for hunting, the design is actually really important. A lot of hunters will tell you that it is not a deciding factor; however, it very well might be. Coyotes are a lot smarter than many give them credit for. They can recognize traps and hunting equipment, and they will steer away.

So, a proper camouflage design can be crucial for the success of your hunt. Luckily, the Alpha Dogg uses one of the best. Namely, it uses the Realtree Max-1 camo design, which is one of my personal favorites. In fact, if you don’t know what it is, give it a quick google search. You will see that the Max-1 camo is all but impossible to notice.

Also, even without the camouflage pattern on the product, it still holds a design advantage over the competition. Namely, most of the competitive products share the similar design. So, if there is a coyote that survived an encounter with that caller, it won’t fall for it again. However, that is not an issue with the Alpha Dogg. It has a unique design overall, which makes it really hard for the coyotes to react in time.

Primos Alpha Dogg Sounds

This device comes with an incredible amount of sounds you can use during predator hunting. However, it will take some knowledge of wildlife in order to use them correctly. Namely, with 75 different sound options, you will have to learn how to use the sounds properly.

Thankfully, the device comes pre-loaded with six complete sequences you can use instead. These experts hunts will give you an “easy way in” when it comes to hunting. These sequences last for about 30 minutes each, so keep that in mind.

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Another great option you will have is to simply load up the 2GB memory card with your favorite sounds, which means that you can add about a thousand new sounds for you to use. However, if you want to buy more Primos sounds, you can do it through their website directly.

Using the expert hunts does make it easy. However, it can potentially also make you vulnerable. So, I prefer taking the control myself and using the sounds I find to be effective. I have noticed that the rodent distress sound usually gives excellent results when it comes to luring coyotes near me. Unfortunately, I can’t speak for other predatory species, since I only use this caller for coyotes. However, every hunter I spoke to, both in the “real world” and online, seems very happy with the sounds.

As I said before, you can actually hook your MP3 device up and play directly from it. I did so with my smartphone and even used the caller as a regular speaker to play music with.

The Remote Control

OK, I simply have to talk about the remote. It is incredible. A lot of old-school hunters don’t care a lot for remotes. After all, they tend to use manual calls more often than not. In fact, a lot of old-school hunters will actually make the sounds themselves. However, a modern, or a casual hunter, can definitely appreciate the capabilities of this remote. I mean, I bought an electronic device after all, and I might want to use all of the functions it has.

The remote itself is very comfortable and sports a 2.5-inch screen with full color. In fact, the remote allows you to use the Alpha Dogg pretty much the same way you would a phone. Only from a distance; and wow, what a distance it can cover. On a clear day, I have had a successful connection from about 230 yards. You can use this remote to control the volume, choose the sounds that are going, and even manage the sound library.

Now, I know I said the remote has the range of over 200 yards. However, you shouldn’t use if from that far away. I mean, if you are 200 yards away, you will have to be an excellent marksman to get that shot. Realistically, you will position yourself around 30 yards away from the Alpha Dogg.

The next important thing to consider is that, when the predator appears, you can’t take your eyes off of it. That means that you don’t get to look at the remote if you have to use it. Thankfully, the remote control of Alpha Dogg is incredibly intuitive. You can do everything by feel, and, if you get that clumsy finger state when the adrenaline rush hits you, you can always use the “hot” button it has. It will automatically adjust the volume in accordance with the ambient.

Pros and Cons


* Excellent camouflage

* Incredibly powerful speakers

* You can create a library of over 1,000 sounds

* The best remote in the field


* It uses eight AA batteries; they can run out relatively quickly on higher volumes

* During winter, the snow gets into several hard-to-reach places

Why Buy the Primos Alpha Dogg?

If you are having issues with predatory animals near you, this is the product to use. Going into the forest by yourself and trying to find them is not recommendable at all. So, instead, set up a nice vantage point and use the caller to get the animal to you. It is very beginner-friendly and not terribly expensive for what it offers. It is light, portable, and small. I know it is not the cheapest model on the market. But, to be fair, this is something I will only ever have to buy once in my lifetime. So, I would say that it is a worthwhile investment to buy the best caller out there.

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Final Thoughts

In the end, this Primos Alpha Dogg review is just my opinion on the product. If you are looking to get an excellent electronic predator call, this is the one for you. It has everything you might need and then some. Of course, whether or not you want to buy one is up to you. But, I will definitely recommend it to anyone who asks me about it. It is an excellent product that will not disappoint you if you buy it.


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