FoxJack 3 by FOXPRO Review – A Must-Have Addition to your Shockwave or XWave Decoys!

Best Predator Call
Best Coyote Call

The Foxjack 3 is a great little ‘add-on’ device that means you can turn your current FOXPRO Shockwave or XWave digital game call into a complete ‘portable predator calling machine!’

When I got mine, I was super excited to give it a shot, and found that it was simple to set up and get going with. When I took it out the first time, a coyote and a bobcat came within 9-10 yards of the call because of this decoy. It’s great that it’s so quiet, and that there’s no extra mucking around getting the thing to work. It just plugs in, and is controlled by my existing controller.

All you need to do is replace the battery door on either of the two compatible callers and replace it with the FoxJack. Once you connect the power connector from the decoy to the device you’re all done and good to go!

Upon opening the pack, you will find that FoxJack 3 comes with a bird topper (which looks similar to a woodpecker) with a super quiet motor which is great when you’re out hunting because you know that the predators arent going to be scared away by any whirring noises.

The idea behind this product from FOXPRO is to allow you to fool the predators more convincingly that what they are hearing from the call is actually reality. It provides a visual confirmation of the distressed animal.

You can control the FoxJack 3 remotely with your existing FOXPRO Shockwave or XWave digital game call.

The auxiliary button on your FOXPRO Shockwave or XWave remote control starts and stops the FoxJack 3’s function.

Feature Highlights

  • Conveniently attaches directly to your FOXPRO Shockwave or Xwave digital game call. (Shockwave and XWave not included)
  • Whisper quiet motor.
  • Improved motion for great action and realism.
  • LED for night time use.
  • Can be controlled remotely with your Shockwave or XWave remote’s aux button. (Remote not included)
  • Entices predators with the visual confirmation they’re looking for.
  • Comes standard with the bird topper which resembles a woodpecker.
  • Proudly made in the USA!


What decoy is the FoxJack 3 compatible with?

The FoxJack 3 is compatible with the FOXPRO Shockwave and FOXPRO XWave


  • Weight 1.50 lbs.
  • Warranty 90 Days
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