A Reliable Choice – Primos Boss Dogg Review

Primos Boss Dogg
Primos Boss Dogg Review

Coyotes and other predators in the wild are a great threat to anyone who’s living close to the forest. They are very adaptable, so hunting them is a tricky task. It’s one that makes me use all the help I can get. I don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to dangerous hunts, so I needed something special. I wanted to have the best call and decoy on my hands that will ensure my success. My new toy worked out well for me, which is why I’ve decided to write this Primos Boss Dogg review.

I have already hunted with ICOtec predator calls, and they worked fine. But, neither of them was what I was looking for. I wanted the biggest and most high-end predator call out there. So, the Primos Boss Dogg is a dream come true. It speaks the language with volume, clarity and in various dimensions.

If you really need to go all out on your next hunting trip, then you shouldn’t cut any corners. To tame a beast, you’ll need to have the greatest technological beast on your side, which is the Primos Boss Dogg. It boasts the most extensive range of features and some of the best specifications on the market. With three large speakers, it will be hard for anything to not hear your calls in the wild. Let’s dive right into it and see what you can get out of our Primos Boss Dogg review.

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An Overview of The Primos Boss Dogg

The Boss Dogg is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to coyote calls. It is such an excellent all-in-one unit that no hunter can afford to leave home without it. Even though most people use it for calling coyotes, I used it on crows and numerous other animals as well. At first, I didn’t think I would be having too much fun making this Primos Boss Dogg review. But, I was a pleasantly surprised.

The whole package is very compact. The stands are protecting the speaker, and you can fold them down when you want to use the device. Thanks to its durable build and long battery life, it will serve you well even during the roughest hunting trips. Furthermore, with the advanced design, rotating side speakers and the long-distance remote, it allows the hunter to use it even in the most abstruse situations.

Identically, because the Boss Dogg has 100 preinstalled sounds and various Expert Hunts, very few products can compete with it. You can have members of Team Primos such as Randy Anderson sitting there and calling predators for you. The feature can be found in the „Expert Hunts” folder on the remote. Setting it on any of the expert hunts will make it play through a whole scenario. It can be coyotes howling, then rabbits in distress, making other coyotes think that there’s a hunt they can join. But, they’ll be joining your hunt.

Additionally, you can install your own sounds and have up to 2000 sounds in total. I took advantage of this right away and added a few elk and crow calls before I went out to hunt. You can even connect it to an MP3 player that supports a USB connection. Furthermore, you can also use it to add new sounds to the Boss Dogg’s 4GB internal memory.


During my hunts, this device was a complete game changer. Whenever I’m hunting for coyotes or crows, I just put it on my shoulder with a strap, grab my gun and go. My Primos Boss Dogg review was really fun and relaxing thanks to this.

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When I reached my destination during the test, I just set it up and hid. I lay down about 50 yards away and started calling coyotes with the rabbit in distress sound. It didn’t take long until two of them came along. I took a shot at one and it fell down, but the other one started running. Since I had prepared and preprogrammed the “coyote distress” sound to one of my buttons, it was an easy situation. Once the other coyote heard it, it stopped long enough for me to take a shot at him too. It was so easy and seamless that I couldn’t help but laugh at it first.

When I’m hunting for crows, the adjustable speakers are incredibly handy. They usually come from both sides, so I point a speaker to each side and start calling. It helps with bringing the birds in and covering more of the area at the same time.

On the back of the Boss Dogg, there is the decoy that you can control with the remote. I just tried this once during the test run, but I haven’t taken full advantage of it yet. It was actually funny because the decoy looks like a stray cat’s tail. However, you can change it if you want to, so it’s no problem at all. When setting up, you can control it with the remote and create a distraction when you need to.

I was completely satisfied with the way the Boss Dogg performs. I also tested its range more extensively, but I’ll talk more about that in the features section.

Key Features

The list of features I have to put into this Primos Boss Dogg review is truly impressive. But, it’s no surprise when you look at how successful this device is on the market. It boasts all the features a professional hunter would need during his endeavors. In addition, it is also easily accessible to complete beginners too. Nevertheless, let’s see what kind of value the Boss Dogg is packing exactly.


The Boss Dogg packs three 50-watt amplifiers that produce 150 watts of power. The sound is crystal clear even from a distance. I tested the sound by setting it up in the clearing and walking 200 yards away from it. I could still hear the sound of my crow call pretty clearly. However, I don’t think that it has such a clear long-range sound deep within the forest. If you need to cover more of the area, you can rotate the two speakers in a 180° angle. It’s one of the Boss Dogg’s top features because it allows you to attract prey from all directions.

The Remote

This remote is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen come with a predator call or game call. Not only does it have a 2.5″ full-color LCD screen display, but it’s also ridiculously easy to use. You can browse through hundreds of sounds with absolute ease. Each of them is placed inside various categories and folders in a comprehensive manner. You can also have a favorites folder where you’ll find all your most frequently used sounds. Furthermore, it has a HOT button which can be used to adjust the sound and volume to the environment.

It has a 200-yard range and doesn’t have to be in your line of sight for you to control it. This range makes it a lot easier when you’re looking for the perfect hiding spot.

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The Build

Its durable plastic material makes for a very robust build. The Boss Dogg is very practical and compact, enabling you to carry it around with absolute ease. You can do it with either the handle on the top or with the padded strap. I went with the strap because it allowed me to use both my hands freely. Additionally, the Realtree MAX-1 camo pattern makes it very easy to hide.

Battery Life

The Boss Dogg runs on 8 D batteries, and the remote and decoy need 7 AA batteries. You’ll have to buy those yourself. You can use the device quite extensively, and it will last.

Memory and Extensions

The 4GB internal memory allows you to add about 2000 different sounds to your device. So you’ll definitely be „Speaking the Language.” However, I couldn’t fill it with nearly as much because I simply wouldn’t make use of it. The device also allows you to connect an MP3 player or a separate set of speakers for additional volume. I really enjoyed listening to AC/DC while I was enjoying a beer.

Additional Benefits

Alongside 100 pre-installed predator sounds, you also get 8 complete Expert Hunts, added by Randy Anderson himself. They are organized by species, which makes them easy to access and use.

Pros and Cons

No product is perfect for everybody, and neither does any product come without flaws. Though the Boss Dogg serves its purpose very well, there is still room for improvement.

The Pros

  • The compact casing and camouflage design make this an excellent device to bring to the outdoors. These simple things increase your productivity and success rate by a great deal.
  • The dynamic and realistic sound of the speakers is a great advantage for this product. You can lure animals even from a greater distance.
  • The 2.5-inch LCD color screen makes navigation very easy, and its 200-yard range is an absolute advantage.
  • Offers more than enough pre-loaded sounds and the Expert Hunts sound set is a great addition. Moreover, you can add 2000 of your own sounds too.
  • Because the Boss Dogg uses batteries, you can take it just about anywhere.
  • The ability to connect an external music player and a speaker makes the Boss Dogg a lot more fun.

The Cons

  • It’s a bit more expensive (about $50 to $70 more) than other devices on the market. But considering the wide range of features, it’s well worth the investment.
  • The batteries won’t last too long if you play it for longer periods at high volumes. You can solve this problem by carrying additional batteries with you.
  • The stands might collect a bit of snow if you’re using them in the winter. If you’re careful, it won’t be a problem, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Reasons To Buy The Primos Boss Dogg

It’s hard to come across a Primos Boss Dogg review that isn’t positive. It’s really hard to be mad at this product. It does everything you require it to do and more. I had all the flexibility and volume I needed to attract animals from all angles, which is truly convincing. It is simple, robust and will serve any sort of hunter well on his journey. Furthermore, the price tag makes it practically a steal. If you want a device that will help you “Speak the Language,“ then I can wholeheartedly recommend the Primos Boss Dogg.

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Final Thoughts

This device served my needs really well in hunting for coyotes and crows and is now a part of my arsenal. At first sight, it seemed to be very cluttered because of the side speakers, but boy, was I surprised. The compact and durable design and the powerful sound of this device really convinced me. Right now, I cannot think of any better predator call, and I don’t think I will for a few years. Now I see why this device got the name, Boss Dogg. I hope that you have enjoyed reading my Primos Boss Dogg review and that it helped you learn something new today!


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