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FOXPRO Shockwave
FOXPRO Shockwave Review

I believe I don’t have to remind you just how important game calls can be.

Without a proper predator call, you can spend countless hours waiting for your game to show up.

And the worst thing is that, well, it may never show up.

That’s why you need a good and reliable predator call that will make your life in the wilds as easy as possible. That’s where our FOXPRO Shockwave Review will jump to the rescue as well.

You may think that getting the right predator call is not a difficult task but, believe me, it definitely is. During my very long hunting career, I tried many different models, and my overall experience is very mixed. I certainly had some very good predator calls but, in some cases, I was severely disappointed. To be honest, though, some of them were quite cheap, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised with the outcome.

A common rule of thumb is that, basically, you always get what you pay for. It’s not easy to spend a lot of money to get what you want but, the truth is, you do get it at the end. The given price stands there for a reason. So, if you want true quality, you’ll definitely need a bigger budget.

If there was one particular predator call that I would recommend right now, that would undoubtedly be FOXPRO Shockwave predator call. In my opinion, FOXPRO raised the bar way too high with this one. It’s an outstanding predator call, and it comes with plenty of different features. The pure awesomeness of this product is exactly what inspired me to write this FOXPRO Shockwave Review.

This FOXPRO Shockwave Review is here to deliver all the necessary information that any hunter should have before deciding to buy this extraordinary predator call. Regardless of your experience, this is a must-have for your hunting equipment! So let’s dive right in and see why this predator call is so exceptional.


Foxpro Shockwave

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The first thing that we are going to focus on is the overview of the product itself.

So, as I mentioned above, we have a top-quality electronic predator call here. FOXPRO is a very recognizable name in this market, and the number of satisfied customers says it all. They always try to improve their products and to offer some new features along the road. FOXPRO Shockwave predator call is a practical showcase of how you can get both innovation and flexibility at the same time.

The Basic Info

Before we move on with our FOXPRO Shockwave Review, let’s take a look at some basic info first. The dimensions of this predator call are 5.75 x 12.25 x 7.75 inches respectively. The game call weighs about 3.9 lbs, and it requires 10 AA batteries to operate. Based on my own experience, the typical runtime will vary between three to seven hours total. That’s pretty much ideal.

But I have to add that the uptime can also vary depending on other factors. The most critical ones include the volume, the temperature, and even the battery type as well. So, once you have that in mind, you should be able to figure out how long your FOXPRO Shockwave can last.

This predator call has four speakers in total. It has two horn speakers and two tweeters, both in the front and rear of the device. I can say that their quality is truly astonishing and, in fact, they’re some of the best speakers I’ve ever seen. The sounds are clean and natural, just how I want them to be. You also get a single USB port, one charge jack, two external speaker jacks and one auxiliary jack as well. You can use all of those additional jacks to extend the power of your speakers if (for some reason) you’re not satisfied with the default output.

I should also add that the remote comes with an outstanding LCD screen. Some of my earlier game calls had many issues here but, in this case, I can confirm that the screen is extremely functional and it allows me to see everything I need. You can easily track your battery power, temperature, moon phases…and much more. We will go into more details in the next section.

The Key Features

We’ve come to the very core of our FOXPRO Shockwave Review – the key features. These features are exactly what makes this predator call so great in the first place. Let’s start off with the design.

The design

I can say that the design is truly one of a kind. Even though this game call is not as easy to carry as, for example, FOXPRO Inferno, it’s still portable enough nonetheless. You can easily move it around along with the rest of your hunting equipment.

It may take some time for you to learn how to cope with this game call but the whole process is very straightforward. You can easily access any feature in no time, and you’ll also have plenty of information available to you as well. I would say that the trickiest part is to learn what each of these “innovative features” stands for. But don’t worry, I got you covered there too!

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This predator call is also very durable. The game call is made from a composite ABS material. Any experienced hunter can tell you just how tough ABS can be. With this kind of design, you can rest assured that your new predator call will last quite a while. In the worst case scenario, you have a 5-year warranty if something goes really wrong.

The innovative features

This right here is perhaps the highlight of this FOXPRO Shockwave Review. These features make FOXPRO Shockwave stand out from the crowd very easily. If you just look at the names only, you’ll hardly realize what makes them so special. But, no worries, I will explain everything down below. So, when we talk about innovative features, we talk about the following specific modes:


You will often be too busy to change the actual sounds of your game call. No matter how much you really need to do it, it’s very common for a hunter to have both of his hands occupied with other things. This feature allows you to change any sounds in a real hands-free fashion. It just doesn’t get better than that!


This right here is one of my favorite features. FOXMOTION allows you to “fade” the sounds from the left speakers all the way to the right speakers. That way, the actual sounds are way more realistic and natural. The fading technique is more likely to draw in your game. That’s exactly what happens in nature as well, which makes it very easy to set up a trap.


This is another feature that can be very handy. As you might have figured out from the name already, this feature allows you to alter the pitch in order to make the sounds even more realistic. It’s very easy to make various alterations and to mix things up a bit. I can tell you that FOXPITCH works perfectly both in theory and practice as well.


I mentioned above that FOXPITCH allows you to mix things up and create many different iterations of the exact same sound. Well, FOXFUSION is all about mixing all kinds of sounds! In this case, you can mix and match two different sounds. In that case, the output sound is a combination of two different sounds at the same time. I definitely recommend trying out this feature. In my case, it worked like a charm, and I have no doubt that the same will happen to you as well.


If you ever wanted to record the actual data for some of your future hunting adventures, FOXDATA allows you to do just that. In order to accurately determine the activity of your prey as well as the chances of catching it, you need to track and analyze some information. FOXDATA allows real-time recording of many different parameters such as the temperature, moon phases, and stand duration. This feature will ensure that you are properly prepared before heading out to grab your prize.

The Programmable Calls

This FOXPRO Shockwave Review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the programmable calls. This predator call has 100 sounds by default. They are useful not only for common predators like coyotes but also for the other ones like bears and red foxes too. Even though you have only 100 sounds, the unit can actually hold up to 1000 different calls in total. You can easily take a look at the free libraries provided by many different sources on the internet. From there, you can download your favorite ones and store them for your future endeavors.

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The Remote Control

Many predator calls come with very faulty remotes, and I already have a vast collection of them. This one, however, is not only functional but also very easy to use as well. One of the highlights here is the LCD screen. You can see all the categories and/or sound lists in a matter of seconds. And you can also track other parameters as well (we mentioned most of them already). You also have a barometer and even the timers as well. All of the features are very accessible, and this is exactly how a remote control should be made (from my perspective).

The Connectivity

We mentioned this already in the previous sections of this FOXPRO Shockwave Review but let’s make a recap. This predator call has plenty of connectivity. If you’re not satisfied with the default output of the built-in speakers, you can extend them very easily. You’ll get two 3.5-mm external speaker jacks, a single 3.5-mm auxiliary jack, a single charge jack, and a USB port that allows you to connect your game call to a computer. Regardless of what method you prefer, you will get to experience a truly exceptional connectivity nonetheless.


  • Outstanding functionality and an excellent design
  • Great durability
  • Plenty of innovative features that can draw in your game very effectively
  • You can add your own calls as well (the unit can hold up to 1000 of them at a time)
  • The remote control is also very operational. And the integrated LCD screen is truly one of the highlights here.


  • FOXPRO Shockwave is quite an expensive predator call and, if you have a limited budget, you’ll have a problem here.
  • The remote tends to malfunction in some circumstances.

Why Buy the FOXPRO Shockwave?

This is the actual purpose of our FOXPRO Shockwave Review – to answer a question like this. You should buy this predator call because you will get a very functional and a very durable unit at the same time. It’s an all-around solution that can be used by both experienced hunters and inexperienced newcomers as well. It does have a somewhat steep learning curve, but you should still figure out the basic concepts fairly quickly.

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Final Thoughts

It’s time to sum things up. This predator call is worth every penny. It’s expensive, yes, but if you want true quality, this is an absolute must-have for your hunting collection. The main purpose of this review was to provide you with all the necessary information. The final decision will certainly be yours, but I wanted to share my opinion and give you a good overview of what you should expect here. And I hope that my honest recommendation managed to help you out with that.


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