Best All Around – The FOXPRO Fusion review

The FOXPRO Fusion
The FOXPRO Fusion review

As an avid hunter, I have probably spent a small fortune on game calls. From the cheapest to the least financially forgiving, I have had criticisms for each and every one of them. Whether it was poor build quality, poor sound quality, short battery life or less-than-stellar usability, I had yet to use one that excelled in all of these areas at the same time. I thought that there just wasn’t a perfect formula. That is, until I bought a FOXPRO Fusion.

With how important a game call can be to a hunter, you have to imagine my delight when I came upon the Fusion. It wasn’t easy to believe at first. Simply put, I have never used a game call quite as feature-rich as this one.

The Fusion and its included remote have such a wealth of features that it’s honestly hard not to be amazed. It may take a while for me to even describe all of its many features. But don’t be fooled, the Fusion isn’t a “Jack of all trades, master of none” kind of product. It isn’t a product with a lot of features and no backbone. Simply put, it excels in all of the above areas. What we can see with the Fusion is the fantastic build quality, as is to be expected of FOXPRO at this point. We also have stellar sound quality, incredibly realistic calls, very solid battery life and great user experience all-around. If this were all that the Fusion had to offer, I would have been perfectly satisfied. But it’s the mounds of features and functionality that put it over the top for me.

To try and keep this review shorter than a novel, here is a condensed list of the key features the Fusion has to offer:

  • A hundred high quality sounds to choose from out of the box, with the ability to store and access up to a thousand at a time.
  • Front and back speakers.
  • FOX Pitch, which lets you manipulate the pitch of a call to your liking. That can help lure in stubborn game.
  • FOX Data, which tracks everything from the barometer and moon phase to the time and other data for you to look at later. Useful for keeping track of specific hunting conditions for specific game.
  • FOX Motion, which lets you fade a call sound between the front and back spears to simulate movement.
  • And FOX Bang, which lets you program an automated response to your gunshot, such as changing to a different call.

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Aside from these features, the Fusion has a lot of extra functionality to make your life a little more convenient. For example, the ability to connect two external speakers for a considerable volume boost. Frankly, I have never found myself having to use this feature because of the crisp and very audible sound of the Fusion’s built-in speakers.

Its offerings may seem a little too good to believe at first. Does it actually hold up to its core promises?

Pros/Key Features

Superb sound quality and excellent calls out of the box

The bread and butter of a game call are its calls. Good quality calls and good quality audio is essential for a good game call. And to that end, the Fusion succeeds by leagues. The calls that come bundled with the Fusion are amongst the best I’ve ever heard. The audio quality is crystal clear and has been very effective so far for me.

Loud speakers

Of course, the best calls in the world will do you no good if the coyotes can’t hear them. Thankfully, I’m happy to report the Fusion has very powerful speakers that can project quite a way away. Combine the crystal clear audio quality with the power of the speakers, and it’s something you have to experience for yourself.

Great remote

I like the remote a lot. It’s just very easy to use, even when I am not paying attention to it. I think this comes down to the design of the buttons, which are very noticeable and easy to find with your fingers. I find the screen very readable too, even at night, which is important if you’re farsighted like me. You can easily memorize where the buttons you use the most are and use them without having to look. It becomes second nature almost immediately.

Excellent build quality

As I talked about earlier, the Fusion has a fantastic build quality. A common criticism I have for cheaper game calls is that they tend to feel like they’re about to come apart in my hands. I’m one of those people who can’t stand cheap, plastic-y products that feel like they could fall apart at any moment. If I pay for something, I expect it to feel sturdy and like it will last for a while. Thankfully, the Fusion accomplishes that and more. While I, of course, recommend treating an expensive and important tool like this with a lot of care, there’s no doubt the Fusion can handle a little wear and tear with no problems.

Effective design and a nice look

Aside from the Fusion’s build quality, I love its simple, yet effective design and sleek look. I personally like the Kryptek Highlander camo the most, which is what I ordered my Fusion in. The carrying handle is a nice addition, and the Fusion’s compact design lets me carry it in one hand with ease. But, what I like the most is the ease with which I can use a lanyard with it. It frees up my other hand I’d normally carry my Fusion with. I would recommend using a sturdy lanyard or a strap, though.

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Usable with or without the remote

You may be worried that, if you’re out hunting one night and using a remote, you’re risking the remote’s battery dying out on you in the midst of a hunt. Thankfully, the call itself is perfectly usable either way, with or without a remote. I’ve personally had this happen to me at least once when I forgot to change the batteries in the remote after a while, but I pulled through the night with no problems. Admittedly, it wasn’t as convenient as using the remote, but it’s still a perfectly usable call without it. I applaud FOXPRO for not glancing over a crucial design feature like this one.

Great battery life (with good batteries)

While we’re on the topic of batteries, I have to admit that I’m very satisfied with the Fusion’s battery life. Of course, it’s worth mentioning I use good batteries with mine, which I recommend you do too. But assuming that you do, you may even find yourself surprised with how good the battery life is. I remember using my Fusion for close to a whole day without recharging it. In any case, as long as you don’t forget to recharge it every now and again, I would say that there’s no worry of it dying out on you at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

No gimmicks, useful and convenient features

Features like FOX Bang, FOX Data, and FOX Pitch may appear gimmicky at first, but I’ve found almost all of them to be incredibly handy. I fondly remember using FOX Bang to catch two coyotes one night, after the second one ran away but came back on a distress call. And I have no doubt the analytical types will love FOX Data and its meticulous tracking of every possible detail. FOX Pitch can come in handy for stubborn game. I know, because I’ve used it on more than one occasion and it’s worked wonders for me.

FOX Data

I highlight FOX Data here because it’s, by far, the most useful feature, aside from the call’s core functions. It keeps a meticulous record of every possible detail, from the barometer and temperature to the time and other data. You can view all of this recorded data on a computer and adjust your tactics as needed, try to recreate specific conditions for certain game, etc. It’s really an incredibly welcome addition and one I’m glad FOXPRO thought of.


FOX Bang has a habit of accidentally triggering every now and then

I have accidentally triggered FOX Bang every now and then without meaning to. I think that maybe the sensors could use a little adjusting to fix that. It isn’t a severe problem, but it’s one that I’ve noticed.

Not very simple to figure out

The Fusion is not a product that’s necessarily simple to figure out right from the get-go. Fiddling around with the remote is bound to get you nowhere fast. Because of the wealth of features and functionality it offers, it can be overwhelming at first. I strongly recommend getting a hold of the full manual from the manufacturer’s website. I know it isn’t fun, and most of us would rather wing it, but I think that you need to learn about all of its different features to truly unlock all of the advantages the Fusion gives you.

Should You Buy The FOXPRO Fusion?

If my answer wasn’t obvious from the get-go – yes, I think you should. If you’re an avid hunter, if you want to maybe sharpen your skills or improve your chances a little, then the FOXPRO Fusion is absolutely the game call for you. I know that it’s the game call for me. I’ve been using it for a little while now, and it’s been an absolute delight. If my list of criticisms seemed a little short to you, it’s because it’s genuinely hard for me to find anything I dislike about this product in particular. And even if I could think of more criticisms, honestly, with how feature-rich it is and its overall quality paired with a relatively affordable price, it wouldn’t matter much to me.

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FOXPRO is known for its quality assurance, but the Fusion is a perfect example of a product with quality and quantity in equal amounts. The build quality is excellent, the audio quality is superb, and the calls that come bundled with the Fusion are amongst the best I’ve ever used. But, the well-designed remote and call itself are the foundation. The many amazing features that come with the Fusion, such as FOX Motion, FOX Pitch, and FOX Data are the icing on the cake.

If you want to unlock your full potential as a hunter, I wholeheartedly recommend the FOXPRO Fusion game call. I know I’ll continue to use and enjoy using it for years to come.


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