Primos Boss Dogg Review

A Reliable Choice – Primos Boss Dogg Review

Here goes my Primos Boss Dogg Review!

Coyotes and other predators in the wild are a great threat to anyone who’s living close to the forest. They are very adaptable, so hunting them is a tricky task. It’s one that makes me use all the help I can get. I don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to dangerous hunts, so I needed something special. I wanted to have the best call and decoy on my hands that will ensure my success. My new toy worked out well for me, which is why I’ve decided to write this Primos Boss Dogg review.

I have already hunted with ICOtec predator calls, and they worked fine. But, neither of them was what I was looking for. I wanted the biggest and most high-end predator call out there. So, the Primos Boss Dogg is a dream come true. It speaks the language with volume, clarity and in various dimensions.


If you really need to go all out on your next hunting trip, then you shouldn’t cut any corners. To tame a beast, you’ll need to have the greatest technological beast on your side, which is the Primos Boss Dogg. It boasts the most extensive range of features and some of the best specifications on the market. With three large speakers, it will be hard for anything to not hear your calls in the wild. Let’s dive right into it and see what you can get out of our Primos Boss Dogg review.

An Overview of The Primos Boss Dogg


The Boss Dogg is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to coyote calls. It is such an excellent all-in-one unit that no hunter can afford to leave home without it. Even though most people use it for calling coyotes, I used it on crows and numerous other animals as well. At first, I didn’t think I would be having too much fun making this Primos Boss Dogg review. But, I was a pleasantly surprised.


The whole package is very compact. The stands are protecting the speaker, and you can fold them down when you want to use the device. Thanks to its durable build and long battery life, it will serve you well even during the roughest hunting trips. Furthermore, with the advanced design, rotating side speakers and the long-distance remote, it allows the hunter to use it even in the most abstruse situations.


Identically, because the Boss Dogg has 100 preinstalled sounds and various Expert Hunts, very few products can compete with it. You can have members of Team Primos such as Randy Anderson sitting there and calling predators for you. The feature can be found in the „Expert Hunts” folder on the remote. Setting it on any of the expert hunts will make it play through a whole scenario. It can be coyotes howling, then rabbits in distress, making other coyotes think that there’s a hunt they can join. But, they’ll be joining your hunt.


Additionally, you can install your own sounds and have up to 2000 sounds in total. I took advantage of this right away and added a few elk and crow calls before I went out to hunt. You can even connect it to an MP3 player that supports a USB connection. Furthermore, you can also use it to add new sounds to the Boss Dogg’s 4GB internal memory.


During my hunts, this device was a complete game changer. Whenever I’m hunting for coyotes or crows, I just put it on my shoulder with a strap, grab my gun and go. My Primos Boss Dogg review was really fun and relaxing thanks to this.


When I reached my destination during the test, I just set it up and hid. I lay down about 50 yards away and started calling coyotes with the rabbit in distress sound. It didn’t take long until two of them came along. I took a shot at one and it fell down, but the other one started running. Since I had prepared and preprogrammed the “coyote distress” sound to one of my buttons, it was an easy situation. Once the other coyote heard it, it stopped long enough for me to take a shot at him too. It was so easy and seamless that I couldn’t help but laugh at it first.


When I’m hunting for crows, the adjustable speakers are incredibly handy. They usually come from both sides, so I point a speaker to each side and start calling. It helps with bringing the birds in and covering more of the area at the same time.


On the back of the Boss Dogg, there is the decoy that you can control with the remote. I just tried this once during the test run, but I haven’t taken full advantage of it yet. It was actually funny because the decoy looks like a stray cat’s tail. However, you can change it if you want to, so it’s no problem at all. When setting up, you can control it with the remote and create a distraction when you need to.


I was completely satisfied with the way the Boss Dogg performs. I also tested its range more extensively, but I’ll talk more about that in the features section.

Key Features


The list of features I have to put into this Primos Boss Dogg review is truly impressive. But, it’s no surprise when you look at how successful this device is on the market. It boasts all the features a professional hunter would need during his endeavors. In addition, it is also easily accessible to complete beginners too. Nevertheless, let’s see what kind of value the Boss Dogg is packing exactly.




The Boss Dogg packs three 50-watt amplifiers that produce 150 watts of power. The sound is crystal clear even from a distance. I tested the sound by setting it up in the clearing and walking 200 yards away from it. I could still hear the sound of my crow call pretty clearly. However, I don’t think that it has such a clear long-range sound deep within the forest. If you need to cover more of the area, you can rotate the two speakers in a 180° angle. It’s one of the Boss Dogg’s top features because it allows you to attract prey from all directions.


The Remote


This remote is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen come with a predator call or game call. Not only does it have a 2.5″ full-color LCD screen display, but it’s also ridiculously easy to use. You can browse through hundreds of sounds with absolute ease. Each of them is placed inside various categories and folders in a comprehensive manner. You can also have a favorites folder where you’ll find all your most frequently used sounds. Furthermore, it has a HOT button which can be used to adjust the sound and volume to the environment.


It has a 200-yard range and doesn’t have to be in your line of sight for you to control it. This range makes it a lot easier when you’re looking for the perfect hiding spot.


The Build


Its durable plastic material makes for a very robust build. The Boss Dogg is very practical and compact, enabling you to carry it around with absolute ease. You can do it with either the handle on the top or with the padded strap. I went with the strap because it allowed me to use both my hands freely. Additionally, the Realtree MAX-1 camo pattern makes it very easy to hide.


Battery Life


The Boss Dogg runs on 8 D batteries, and the remote and decoy need 7 AA batteries. You’ll have to buy those yourself. You can use the device quite extensively, and it will last.


Memory and Extensions


The 4GB internal memory allows you to add about 2000 different sounds to your device. So you’ll definitely be „Speaking the Language.” However, I couldn’t fill it with nearly as much because I simply wouldn’t make use of it. The device also allows you to connect an MP3 player or a separate set of speakers for additional volume. I really enjoyed listening to AC/DC while I was enjoying a beer.

Additional Benefits


Alongside 100 pre-installed predator sounds, you also get 8 complete Expert Hunts, added by Randy Anderson himself. They are organized by species, which makes them easy to access and use.

Pros and Cons


No product is perfect for everybody, and neither does any product come without flaws. Though the Boss Dogg serves its purpose very well, there is still room for improvement.


The Pros


  • The compact casing and camouflage design make this an excellent device to bring to the outdoors. These simple things increase your productivity and success rate by a great deal.
  • The dynamic and realistic sound of the speakers is a great advantage for this product. You can lure animals even from a greater distance.
  • The 2.5-inch LCD color screen makes navigation very easy, and its 200-yard range is an absolute advantage.
  • Offers more than enough pre-loaded sounds and the Expert Hunts sound set is a great addition. Moreover, you can add 2000 of your own sounds too.
  • Because the Boss Dogg uses batteries, you can take it just about anywhere.
  • The ability to connect an external music player and a speaker makes the Boss Dogg a lot more fun.


The Cons


  • It’s a bit more expensive (about $50 to $70 more) than other devices on the market. But considering the wide range of features, it’s well worth the investment.
  • The batteries won’t last too long if you play it for longer periods at high volumes. You can solve this problem by carrying additional batteries with you.
  • The stands might collect a bit of snow if you’re using them in the winter. If you’re careful, it won’t be a problem, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Reasons To Buy The Primos Boss Dogg


It’s hard to come across a Primos Boss Dogg review that isn’t positive. It’s really hard to be mad at this product. It does everything you require it to do and more. I had all the flexibility and volume I needed to attract animals from all angles, which is truly convincing. It is simple, robust and will serve any sort of hunter well on his journey. Furthermore, the price tag makes it practically a steal. If you want a device that will help you “Speak the Language,“ then I can wholeheartedly recommend the Primos Boss Dogg.

Final Thoughts


This device served my needs really well in hunting for coyotes and crows and is now a part of my arsenal. At first sight, it seemed to be very cluttered because of the side speakers, but boy, was I surprised. The compact and durable design and the powerful sound of this device really convinced me. Right now, I cannot think of any better predator call, and I don’t think I will for a few years. Now I see why this device got the name, Boss Dogg. I hope that you have enjoyed reading my Primos Boss Dogg review and that it helped you learn something new today!


Primos Dogg Catcher Review

Low Price, Excellent Performance – Primos Dogg Catcher Review

Primos Dogg Catcher Review

If you live near a forest, odds are, you will run into predators. From there, it is very possible for said predators to endanger you, your family, and your pets. I have neighbors that lost their dogs due to coyote attacks. So, naturally, I really want to prevent those attacks.


And this is what this article is all about – helping beginners protect their homes from predators. That is where the Primos Dogg Catcher steps in. This entry-level game call will help you lure the predators out in the open, where you can take them out safely. You don’t really have a lot of different ways to do it. Unfortunately, passive defenses simply don’t work.


Just do a quick Internet search, and you will see how ineffective fences are. A coyote can easily leap over a 7-foot wall. In fact, they can even do so while carrying their prey. And, if you don’t want your cat to be that prey they take over the fence, you will have to be proactive.

If you are experiencing troubles with one, you will have to go out and put the coyote down. Of course, depending on where you live, you might have issues with other predators. However, in my area, the coyotes are the only ones really making a ruckus. That is the reason I will mostly be focusing on them. But, the same principles apply to other animals you might be hunting.


Now, actually walking into the forest can be very dangerous. Not due to coyotes; they are not very likely to attack a hunter. In fact, I have been hunting for a while, and I never felt I was in danger. I would just never recommend someone with no experience to walk in the forest trying to find predators. There is always a chance a predator might see you, especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

Primos Dogg Catcher Electronic Predator Call

Primos is one of the leading companies that manufacture e-calls. In fact, you can go out and ask pretty much any hunter you know about it, and I honestly believe they will all praise Primos products. And, for a reason. Primos has been providing hunters with top-notch gear for over 40 years now. Namely, Will Primos, the founder of the company, started making calls way back in 1963.

I could probably go on for a while about how good Primos’ products are. I don’t think I have ever heard a hunter speak negatively about Primos as a company. And they are definitely keeping up with the times. Their electronic calls are every bit as good as their traditional ones.


However, their products are usually not cheap. For example, my favorite electronic call right now is the Primos Alpha Dogg. It is a very affordable unit, but it still costs over $250. But, there are other companies, which are offering models for less than $100. Of course, Primos had to compete. So, thankfully, you can now buy a Primos Hunting Dogg Catcher for a bit over 60 bucks on Amazon. So, if you are a beginner, you should really consider purchasing this e-call to improve your hunting results.


The use of this predator call will significantly increase your chances of actually catching the pests. The ability to control them with a remote also means that they won’t be able to see you while focusing on the sound.


As always, I would like to start by going over the most basic information you get. The external dimensions of this call are 9.5 x 5.1 x 7 inches, and it weighs in at around two and a half pounds. That makes it very portable and easy to carry.


Other than that, I have to be honest; I didn’t expect a lot from an under $70 e-call. But, after doing some testing, I can safely say one thing – I was wrong. It is actually a powerful little device that works like a charm.


In fact, if I didn’t already have the Alpha Dogg, I would probably bring this call every time I go hunting.

Key Features

When you are buying a game call, there are many things you actually have to consider. Of course, the first thing is the price. Whatever you want to buy has to be within your price range. However, you should pay a lot more attention to the features the device offers. You want to know if it is loud enough for your needs, if the sound it makes is clear, if the calls are good enough, how tough the call is, and many other factors before you make your decision on buying a device such as this one.


Now, I know that these devices don’t do a lot of things, by design. They are there to make the sound. However, as always, the devil’s in the details. So, let’s take some time to take a closer look at this device.

The Speaker

First and foremost, these calls are sound-producing devices. And, as with every other sound-generating device, the main feature they all have is the speaker. It has to be powerful enough for the animals to hear it from great distances, and it should not distort the sound.


If your speaker doesn’t meet the requirements, your hunt is not very likely to be successful. And, Primos Dogg Catcher doesn’t fall behind the competition. It is definitely a worthy addition to the portfolio of Primos Hunting. During the field test, I was sitting around a hundred yards away from the speaker, and I heard it clearly. I didn’t feel the need to push it to the maximum setting though. So, I honestly can’t tell what the maximum range is when it comes to sound. However, going by my experience, I believe most predators should be able to hear it from over a mile away. I would say it is stronger than an average caller but is not quite as loud as the Alpha Dogg can be.


The speaker of the Dogg Catcher gets the power from four AA batteries, and they can keep it running for a while. In fact, I couldn’t believe how long the batteries can last. You see, after buying the predator call, I had to test it. I did the initial testing in my garage, naturally, by lowering the volume to the minimum. However, I forgot to turn it off when I went out for the weekend to stay with a friend. Two days later, it was still quietly howling in my garage.

The Design

Believe it or not, the design and the size of the electronic call are all very important when it comes to hunting. The reason for that is simple. You never want the animal you are hunting to see the trap you set. So, even if the aesthetic look of the product is irrelevant, it has to check some boxes. Namely, it has to be hard to spot, and it has to be durable.


Essentially, if you are looking for an e-call (or any other hunting gear), you want the color scheme to blend with the environment. And all Primos products do that exceptionally well. Not only is the Dogg Catcher call hard to spot due to its color, but it is also very small. So, if you put it in any type of tall grass, the predators simply won’t see it in time.


Just remember, you shouldn’t wait for the animal to get that close to the call anyway. You should position yourself about 50 yards away from it, and be ready to shoot. Once the animal gets relatively close to the e-call, you can turn the volume down, or even shut it down.


Other than stealthiness of it, it also comes with a stand so you can prop it up for better results.

The Sounds

When it comes to creating game calls, everybody knows who the biggest name is – Randy Anderson. He has decades of experience hunting predators, and he understands the language of coyotes perfectly. Randy Anderson has been working with Primos for years to provide the customers with excellent calls. And the Primos Dogg Catcher has 12 of these calls in it. And, just from reading the list of calls, you can see that it revolves around hunting North American predatory animals. There are two types of calls that come with this device. The first type is coyote calls, and the second type is prey distress calls.

Coyote Calls:

Pack serenade, female invitation howl, interrogation howls, pup distress, and adult distress.

Pray Distress Calls:

Baby cottontail, adult cottontail, baby jackrabbit, adult jackrabbit, baby fawn, woodpecker, and rodent distress.


As you can see, this device comes packing every call you might require to hunt predators in North America. However, some of these calls are fairly universal. So, even if that wasn’t the intention, this e-call performs well in Australia as well. Now, I didn’t travel “down under” to hunt myself, but I know of people who did. It turns out that predators anywhere will be more than happy to react to prey distress calls.


Unfortunately, you are unable to manage the sounds yourself. You can’t add new calls, delete some of the original ones, or edit them in any way. However, that is not that big of an issue, especially if you are new at hunting.

Dual Calls

One thing that not many inexpensive e-calls offer is the option to play multiple sounds at the same time. With the Primos Hunting Dogg Catcher, you can play up to two sounds at one point. Just direct the unit towards the target area and choose the calls you wish to use. Playing two sounds at the same time can actually greatly increase the success rate.


It will take some experience to do it properly, but, in time, you will notice that combining two calls attracts more animals. I have had success with several of the possible combinations you could try out too. The interrogation howl combines really well with rabbit distress calls, as well as with the female invitation – at least in my experience.

Check out the video below to see exactly how these calls will sound when you are in the field.

Why Buy The Primos Dogg Catcher?

Well, there is one field this device excels at above the others – value. I couldn’t find another product that comes close to the Dogg Catcher. You can get it for as little as $60, and it performs far above the expectations that come with the price tag. Even if the call library is somewhat smaller, they are still Randy Anderson calls. That means that they work. Plain and simple.


* Incredible price to quality ratio

* It can play two calls at the same time

* Light, compact and unnoticeable


* The remote tends to fail at low temperatures

* No possibility to add calls

Final Thoughts

In the end, I really do like this product. It is an excellent choice for anyone who is not willing to spend a lot of money on hunting predators. Some of the more experienced hunters won’t be entirely happy with the call library, that is for sure. However, if you are not a pro, but just want to keep your animals safe, this is a sound choice. Of course, you are the one that is making the decision. All I can offer is an honest recommendation.

Primos Turbo Dogg Review

A Hunter’s Delight – Primos Turbo Dogg Review

Primos Turbo Dogg Review

I’ve been hunting for years now, and one thing that always comes in handy to a modern hunter is a good electronic predator call. Not only will you feel safer using one, but you will also reach difficult-to-track game easily. Naturally, not all of these predator calls can do the job right. That is the reason why I was initially skeptical of Primos Turbo Dogg. However, after a few uses, I was pleasantly surprised with how it performed.

Now I understand that some of you aren’t experienced hunters. Most newbies tend to get frustrated when it comes to buying proper gear. Predator calls are no different, and some can be downright complicated and confusing to use. But I can tell you with full confidence that Primos Turbo Dogg will work for you as it did for me. In fact, I will even address fellow professionals here – this electronic predator call will do wonders for you as well. It’s user-friendly for both newcomers and seasoned veterans (no pun intended).

A Short History of Primos

Most of what I’m about to write comes from the company’s website over at, so I won’t waste a lot of your time, dear reader. Will Primos and his cousin Jimmy started the company in the mid-eighties, producing simple, yet effective calls. Soon enough, the company expanded, and the demand for high-quality game calls grew. Naturally, none of this would have been possible without Will’s passion for hunting. This passion bled into a very popular TRUTH series of videos, which you can actually watch on Primos Hunting’s YouTube channel.


For years now, Primos Hunting has been producing high-quality hunting gear, calls included. Nearly every hunter I’ve talked to has used one Primos product or another in the past. True, not all hunters were satisfied, but most were, including me. Moreover, the Turbo Dogg, as an example of Primos’ finest, is a testament to that.

Primos Turbo Dogg – Specifications

Size and Look

Primos Turbo Dogg is compact, but not really small. Its dimensions are 9.4 x 6.4 x 6.4 inches, and it weighs less than three pounds (2.85 to be precise). I enjoy having a predator call that’s both durable and lightweight enough for me to carry around without problems. The weight doesn’t significantly increase with batteries, either.


As far as the color goes, it’s a nice, unimposing camo-pattern. More specifically, it’s the Realtree Max-1 variety camo. Save for the black speaker and logo, it fits perfectly into the environment while I wait for my prey to arrive.



When you buy your Primos Turbo Dogg, you see that it’s largely made up of three parts. There’s the call itself, with a built-in speaker. Next, there’s the remote. And finally, a USB cable for PC connectivity. As you might guess, I don’t carry the last one with me while hunting, but we will talk more about it later.


The Call

This is the part that does all of the “speaking” for you. It holds the single large horned speaker capable of emitting sound up to 150 yards away. The speaker is connected to the single 25 Watt amplifier. A perfect combination of volume and good sound quality. Underneath the call is the space for eight AA batteries. I must admit that that’s a bit much, especially since the remote also requires three AAs. However, with the kind of power and capacity Primos Turbo Dogg has, it’s not surprising that it needs this much power.


The back of the unit features two ports or two jacks. One of those is the extra Audio jack. If I had an extra speaker, this is where I would plug it in. Of course, I don’t use one, but if you’re so inclined, this port will come in handy. The other port is the Decoy jack. Again, if you’d like to utilize a decoy, this is the port to plug it in and use it.

I’ve mentioned the USB cable a few paragraphs above. The port for this cable is under the battery section. I found no difficulty removing the battery part and plugging it in. Naturally, I should mention that Turbo Dogg can function on any operating system.


The Remote

Turbo Dogg’s remote easily fits on the back of the unit. I should note that both the remote and the call itself can be switched on by pressing the “On” button located on their backsides. With the call, it’s between the Audio and the Decoy port. On the other hand, the remote’s “On” button is near the top of its back.


I appreciate the design and look of this little remote. It’s slick and smooth enough to fit perfectly in my hand. However, you’d probably want to hear about what it can do. I would highlight two features I found infinitely useful. The first feature is that the remote has a 100-yard reach. This means I can control the call from a considerable distance while hunting. The second feature is the full color 1.75 inch LCD screen and the software. I had no trouble reading out the contents at night because the screen was well lit. The remote, of course, also contains a USB port. Using it is rather easy – I just pick a sound and let it play. In fact, it even has a special section where I stored a few of my “favorite” sounds.

What Can The Turbo Dogg Do?

Now that you have an idea what this little wonder looks like, let’s move on to the specifics.


It Has Featured Calls

Whatever the animal is you’re hunting – coyote, fox, pheasant, etc. – Primos Turbo Dogg has it. The minute I bought it, I made use of the 36 different animal calls. Thirty-six! That’s a massive number. I used to take at least three different electronic calls just for one hunt because they didn’t have all the animals I was interested in shooting. Not Turbo Dogg, though. All of the 36 calls are neatly sitting in the playlist on the remote, ready to be used at the push of a button.


But that’s not all. With the USB port, you can download and store up to 500 different calls from the company website. Imagine that! A single call unit holding almost five hundred animal sounds! It’s a lifesaver.


Four Expert Hunt Sets

The 500-sound capacity is amazing enough, but the “Expert Hunts” feature is what really sold me on Turbo Dogg. The Primos team pre-programmed these and added them in alongside the 36 preset sounds. What this means is that you can hear Randy Anderson himself calling for you when using this call. And not just Anderson, but other Primos team members as well.


Every single expert hunt has call sequences ranging from 10 to 20 minutes in length. These sequences helped me a lot in attracting coyotes and other predators with ease. Of course, you can use the USB port and input other call sequences as well, similar to how you add sounds.


The Range of the Call

Officially, the range of the remote for the Primos Turbo Dogg is, as I’ve stated, 100 yards. But I’ve gotten the same results as far as 150. This range is about the same as the one which Turbo Dogg can reach with its speaker. Faraway predators will be coming in thick and fast with this bad boy.


The one detail I absolutely loved about Turbo Dogg, in terms of sound reach, is that the speaker rotates and makes no distortion. In fact, the sound is so clear it literally feels like the real beast is roaring from the device. There are no interruptions, and the sound doesn’t distort, even in thick foliage.


The Hot Trigger

Personally, I found this feature to be very efficient. The hot trigger, or hot button, allows you to change up the mechanism quickly and adjust to the situation. If I want to pick a playlist of sounds in an instant, I press this bad boy. More than that, it’s useful for controlling the duck decoys, raising or lowering the volume as I see fit. In fact, these are all of the options the hot trigger includes: decoy operation, sound and volume level change, sound recall, and playlist selection.

Benefits of The Primos Turbo Dogg

As you can see, the Turbo Dogg call has quite the list of options. But how does it fare during an actual hunt?


Compactness and Durability

Well, judging from experience, I have to say ‘pretty good.’ Not many calls are as small and as durable as this one. It’s roughly the size of my face, which doesn’t really make it TOO small, but it’s not bulky. And being just under three pounds, I can carry it without problems. Veteran hunters understand that lighter tools help a lot because you can move more freely and, in turn, hunt better.


But weight isn’t its only benefit. The material used to make Primos Turbo Dogg is sturdy enough to handle harsh weather and rough terrain. And of course, the camo color helps it blend in. Right there I get another layer of safety because the game cannot spot it easily.


The Sound Library

Veteran hunters like myself know what it’s like to drag several electronic calls to a hunt. It exhausts you and setting them up every time you hunt different game is time-consuming. With over 500 sounds and four Expert Hunt sets, Turbo Dogg is the only call I need to take hunting with me. Economy goes hand in hand with compactness, after all.


Each sound in Turbo Dogg goes into designated lists. When I open them up, I list them under animal titles, like deer, fox, coyote, elk, bobcat, and others. If I want a specific list, I can just make one and upload it to Turbo Dogg ready to be used. It’s that good.


Negative Sides of Primos Turbo Dogg

Personally, I didn’t have any negative experiences with this electronic call. However, other hunters I know have, and most of them tend to be similar.


For instance, the Turbo Dogg shines a bright red LED light when used. This can be a big problem if you’re hunting at night. Most Turbo Dogg users would suggest covering it up somehow so that you don’t attract predators and endanger your life.


Another grievance Turbo Dogg hunters usually have is the speaker. And not because of how it sounds, but because of how it looks. The speaker has a reflective surface which can bounce off sunlight. Again, this makes you a target, so you ought to avoid using the unit in direct sunlight. I actually went through this myself, and the glare can be quite big and bright. So take it from me – keep your Primos Turbo Dogg out of the sun.


The third drawback would probably be the price. On the official website, you can get the Turbo Dogg for a little over $260. However, I got mine at a reduced price on Amazon. Of course, other retailers have this product as well, so I’d suggest doing a little digging before you buy.


Primos Turbo Dogg – Some Words at the End

As you’ve read above, there are hunters with legitimate grievances about Primos Turbo Dogg. However, from my experience, this is a must-have tool for catching game. Hundreds of sounds, no distortion, easy to use, light, and durable – you get all of that with this one simple product. Don’t wait. Get one today and enjoy the hunt as much as I have.

Primos Alpha Dogg Review

Best Rated Electronic Predator Call – Primos Alpha Dogg Review

Here Is My Primos Alpha Dogg Review

Living near woods or forests is beautiful. However, it can also be risky. There is always a chance for a predator to come by. In fact, a lot of people have had issues with coyotes hounding them, their families, and their pets. There were even reports of coyotes climbing 7-foot walls and slaughtering pets in the yard. So, it is clear that not even a tall fence can offer enough protection. This is exactly where my Primos Alpha Dogg review comes into play.


Sometimes, you simply have to put the predator down. However, following them into the forest can be very dangerous. You never know how aggressive they can get. So, instead, I would recommend getting a tool to draw the predator out from the forest.

This is where my favorite electronic predator call comes into play. The Primos Alpha Dogg is one of the best tools you can get to protect yourself, your kids, and your pets. It has a very nice camo design, the speakers are excellent, and the sounds are very authentic. In fact, most Primos Alpha Dogg reviews can’t stop praising the realistic sounds. It makes sense, as this electronic call is the result of years of experience of Randy Anderson, a famous predator hunter.


Primos is a well-known name in the hunting world, and people have been putting their faith in Primos products for years. So, when I was asking around which caller I should go with, every single hunter I know told me to go with Primos. After all, they have been making the top-of-the-line equipment for over four decades now.


Let’s start by covering the most basic information first. The first thing I noticed when I opened to box is how durable this product seems. Also, it was a lot more portable than I expected from the pictures. Namely, its dimensions are 10.5 x 6.1 x 7.2 inches and it weighs less than 4 pounds. The best part? When I fold it up, I can almost fit it in my jacket pocket. But, to be fair, I have really large pockets on my jacket.


Some electronic callers just give you a couple of individual sounds you can use. I found that the Alpha Dogg is nothing like that. It not only comes with 75 sounds by default, but you can download up to a thousand of them. But, more on that later.

Key Features

I have to tell you I was not ready for the number of features this electronic caller offers. That includes the sound selection, the power of the speakers, the camo design, the collapsible stand that serves to protect the speakers, and even the incredibly useful remote control. So, let’s take some time and go over everything this caller has to offer.

The Speakers

One thing everyone knows about a caller is that the speakers are the most crucial part. You want to have speakers that are powerful, directional, and don’t distort sounds. After all, failing to provide any of those options usually makes for an unsuccessful hunt.


The Alpha Dogg has all of those boxes checked. It features rotational cone 20-watt speakers. The sound is crystal clear, and you can direct them at full 180 degrees. Oh, and, let’s not forget the horn speaker in the middle that boasts even more power at 25 watts. The reviews say that animals come from miles away.

Of course, I simply had to check how loud the speakers can be.  So, I got into my car and drove until I couldn’t hear the speaker anymore. I have to say, I did have to cross over half a mile to stop hearing the speaker altogether. However, I would recommend being mindful of how powerful these speakers are. If you notice a coyote getting anywhere near the speaker, you should lower the volume. These speakers are actually so loud that, on maximum settings, they can scare the predators away. A great thing about them is that they will do so no matter which sound you play.


Another thing I appreciate is the fact that the sound is very clear. Any distortion could potentially warn the predator of the trap, so I am very happy I didn’t notice any.


Furthermore, the back of this device sports audio in and audio out ports, as well as a USB port. That means that you actually have complete freedom over customizing your hunt. You can add more speakers to it, you can connect your MP3 player, and you can even reprogram the hunts.


Lastly, setting the speakers up was superbly easy. I just took them out of the box and unfolded them into the position.


The Design

As with everything else you use for hunting, the design is actually really important. A lot of hunters will tell you that it is not a deciding factor; however, it very well might be. Coyotes are a lot smarter than many give them credit for. They can recognize traps and hunting equipment, and they will steer away.


So, a proper camouflage design can be crucial for the success of your hunt. Luckily, the Alpha Dogg uses one of the best. Namely, it uses the Realtree Max-1 camo design, which is one of my personal favorites. In fact, if you don’t know what it is, give it a quick google search. You will see that the Max-1 camo is all but impossible to notice.


Also, even without the camouflage pattern on the product, it still holds a design advantage over the competition. Namely, most of the competitive products share the similar design. So, if there is a coyote that survived an encounter with that caller, it won’t fall for it again. However, that is not an issue with the Alpha Dogg. It has a unique design overall, which makes it really hard for the coyotes to react in time.

Primos Alpha Dogg Sounds

This device comes with an incredible amount of sounds you can use during predator hunting. However, it will take some knowledge of wildlife in order to use them correctly. Namely, with 75 different sound options, you will have to learn how to use the sounds properly.


Thankfully, the device comes pre-loaded with six complete sequences you can use instead. These experts hunts will give you an “easy way in” when it comes to hunting. These sequences last for about 30 minutes each, so keep that in mind.

Another great option you will have is to simply load up the 2GB memory card with your favorite sounds, which means that you can add about a thousand new sounds for you to use. However, if you want to buy more Primos sounds, you can do it through their website directly.


Using the expert hunts does make it easy. However, it can potentially also make you vulnerable. So, I prefer taking the control myself and using the sounds I find to be effective. I have noticed that the rodent distress sound usually gives excellent results when it comes to luring coyotes near me. Unfortunately, I can’t speak for other predatory species, since I only use this caller for coyotes. However, every hunter I spoke to, both in the “real world” and online, seems very happy with the sounds.


As I said before, you can actually hook your MP3 device up and play directly from it. I did so with my smartphone and even used the caller as a regular speaker to play music with.

The Remote Control

OK, I simply have to talk about the remote. It is incredible. A lot of old-school hunters don’t care a lot for remotes. After all, they tend to use manual calls more often than not. In fact, a lot of old-school hunters will actually make the sounds themselves. However, a modern, or a casual hunter, can definitely appreciate the capabilities of this remote. I mean, I bought an electronic device after all, and I might want to use all of the functions it has.


The remote itself is very comfortable and sports a 2.5-inch screen with full color. In fact, the remote allows you to use the Alpha Dogg pretty much the same way you would a phone. Only from a distance; and wow, what a distance it can cover. On a clear day, I have had a successful connection from about 230 yards. You can use this remote to control the volume, choose the sounds that are going, and even manage the sound library.


Now, I know I said the remote has the range of over 200 yards. However, you shouldn’t use if from that far away. I mean, if you are 200 yards away, you will have to be an excellent marksman to get that shot. Realistically, you will position yourself around 30 yards away from the Alpha Dogg.


The next important thing to consider is that, when the predator appears, you can’t take your eyes off of it. That means that you don’t get to look at the remote if you have to use it. Thankfully, the remote control of Alpha Dogg is incredibly intuitive. You can do everything by feel, and, if you get that clumsy finger state when the adrenaline rush hits you, you can always use the “hot” button it has. It will automatically adjust the volume in accordance with the ambient.

Pros and Cons


* Excellent camouflage

* Incredibly powerful speakers

* You can create a library of over 1,000 sounds

* The best remote in the field


* It uses eight AA batteries; they can run out relatively quickly on higher volumes

* During winter, the snow gets into several hard-to-reach places

Why Buy the Primos Alpha Dogg?

If you are having issues with predatory animals near you, this is the product to use. Going into the forest by yourself and trying to find them is not recommendable at all. So, instead, set up a nice vantage point and use the caller to get the animal to you. It is very beginner-friendly and not terribly expensive for what it offers. It is light, portable, and small. I know it is not the cheapest model on the market. But, to be fair, this is something I will only ever have to buy once in my lifetime. So, I would say that it is a worthwhile investment to buy the best caller out there.

Final Thoughts

In the end, this Primos Alpha Dogg review is just my opinion on the product. If you are looking to get an excellent electronic predator call, this is the one for you. It has everything you might need and then some. Of course, whether or not you want to buy one is up to you. But, I will definitely recommend it to anyone who asks me about it. It is an excellent product that will not disappoint you if you buy it.