FoxPro Hellfire Review

FoxPro Hellfire Review

Here Is My FoxPro Hellfire Review!

Hunting has been my passion for quite some time now. I started going on frequent hunting trips with my father when I was a kid, and I loved every moment of it. We didn’t have such quality hunting equipment at our disposal, so we had to depend solely on our skills.

My father had mastered some game calls, and we were happy with whatever we managed to catch. Even though I cherish those hunting trips, I must admit that all the new technology meant to help hunters catch prey is quite useful.

I’ve tried out plenty of different game calls, and I can tell you how good or bad each one is. However, I’d like to point out that of all the game calls I’ve tried out so far, I’m most satisfied with the FoxPro game calls.

All in all, FoxPro products are high in demand. And it’s no wonder. They produce high-quality products that have been a game-changer in the hunting sport.

Furthermore, I would like to talk to you about my favorite FoxPro product of all time: the FoxPro Hellfire electronic game call. I rarely like to review a product, but the Hellfire deserves a lot of praise.

So, if you would like to know more about this quality piece of equipment, keep reading my FoxPro Hellfire review. Hopefully, after you’ve heard what a great game call it is, you will purchase one for yourself.

A Brief Overview

It’s not easy to find a device that has so many great sounding game calls stored in one place. That’s why I consider the FoxPro Hellfire to be a top-notch product. The fact that it’s packed with so many game calls makes it easy for me to put all my focus into hunting.

The Hellfire has a whopping 75 pre-programmed game calls available! If you like that, then you’re going to LOVE the fact that you can also add 200 more sounds to its program! I must admit I have quite a lot of fun experimenting with different game calls, so the sound capacity is an enormous bonus.

The dimensions of this FoxPro model are 7.75” x 6.75” x 5.5”. I consider it to be lightweight since it weighs only 2.9 lbs with the batteries included. If you’re planning a long hunting trip with your friends, it’s a good idea to bring along extra batteries, since you’ll definitely be using this game call a lot. The Hellfire operates on 10 AA batteries.

Another thing I should mention is that the Hellfire has an easy to operate TX-9 remote control that operates on a single 9V alkaline battery. Those are just a few things I love about the Hellfire off the top of my head.

What’s in the box

I will admit that even after reading plenty of reviews on the Hellfire game call, I wasn’t 100% sure what I would be getting. Nevertheless, I decided to purchase this highly-recommended product and try it out. Once I received my FoxPro Hellfire package, here is what I found inside:

  • The Hellfire digital game call
  • One remote control (TX-9)
  • A detailed operator’s manual
  • The warranty registration
  • A 3.5mm stereo patch cable

I was really happy with how detailed the operator’s manual was, and I didn’t have any trouble understanding the instructions.

Now, I’ll continue with an in-depth review of the key features, as well as the pros and cons of the FoxPro Hellfire game call.

Considering how much I enjoy using this game call, I’m pretty sure you’ll be purchasing it in no time.

Key Features

To give you a general idea of the key features, here is a list of them:

  1. 200 sound capacity with 75 pre-programmed sounds available upon purchase
  2. High-power horn speaker
  3. Auxiliary jack
  4. Easy to operate TX-9 remote control

200 sound capacity with 75 pre-programmed sounds

As I mentioned before, I love experimenting with different game calls. I was more than happy with the 75 pre-programmed sounds, but I was ecstatic when I saw how many of my own sounds I could program.

You’ll be happy to know that programming new sounds onto the device is quite simple, and can be done by using a Mac or a PC. Also, if you would like to purchase more sounds, you can do so by visiting the FoxPro Hellfire website. Once you enter, you can search for any sounds you like, and buy up to 16 sounds at a time. All in all, you can hold 200 sounds in your Hellfire.

High-power horn speaker

The Hellfire is equipped with a high-power horn speaker that produces clear sound. However, you have the option of attaching external speakers to the device.

In my opinion, the quality of the sound is great, and it’s quite loud. However, you may want to attach additional speakers if you are not satisfied with the volume intensity.

Also, I should warn you that even if you choose to connect an external speaker to the Hellfire, the main speaker will continue to play. In fact, it cannot be turned off at all. If that doesn’t bother you, then here is how to connect your speaker to the device:

  1. Make sure you turn off the Hellfire game call.
  2. Connect the external speaker to the external speaker jack (the external speaker jack accepts a 3.5mm plug).
  3. Turn the Hellfire on.

Auxiliary jack

Another great function I enjoy is the auxiliary jack. What it does is it allows me to connect my FoxPro Decoy to the Hellfire. From there, I can control the decoy using the TX-9 remote control.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that you need to follow the electrical limitations involved with this jack. If you exceed the limitations, you risk damaging the device. I carefully read the manual before using the AUX jack, and it worked perfectly.

Easy to operate TX-9 remote control

The TX9 has a graphic display, a volume level indicator, elapsed timer, a recall button, etc. Also, as I mentioned before, you can use the remote to control your decoy.

I especially appreciate the fact that by pressing the “recall” button, the Hellfire plays back the last call I used, and at the same volume it was last played at.


You can probably already guess by my review so far that there will be more pros than cons. In any case, here are all the pros of the Hellfire.

  1. The Hellfire is equipped with 75 pre-programmed game calls, with the option of adding up to 200 more sounds of your choice.
  2. The quality of the sound is great, but you can further enhance it by adding external speakers.
  3. The TX-9 remote control is easy to handle.
  4. It’s a lightweight piece of equipment, which makes it easy to carry.
  5. The FoxPro Hellfire comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


  1. A bit more expensive than other game calls.
  2. If you attach an external speaker to the Hellfire, the main speaker will keep playing.
  3. You need to make sure that the Hellfire game caller is placed at a higher elevation than the remote control.

Why Buy the FoxPro Hellfire Game Call

So far, purchasing the FoxPro Hellfire game call has greatly enhanced my hunting experience. Even though it’s a bit more expensive than some other FoxPro game calls, I still think it’s well worth the money. If you ask me, I recommend this game call to all hunters who want to improve their hunting abilities.

Here is a brief summary of why I consider the Hellfire an exceptional piece of equipment.

Extensive sound database

First of all, you can’t go wrong by purchasing a device that has 75 pre-programmed sounds available. The pre-programmed sounds are enough to keep you occupied for quite a while. And then there’s the fact that you can also add your own sounds to the device. 200 sounds, no less. I know I had a great time downloading new sounds whenever I felt like experimenting a little.

The quality of the sound is crystal clear, and I had no need to connect any additional speakers to the device.

However, if at any point you feel like the sound isn’t clear or loud enough, you can easily connect additional speakers.

Easy to operate remote control

I’ve mentioned plenty of times through my FoxPro Hellfire review how much I like this remote control. The TX-9 can operate on FoxBang technology. All you have to do is turn the FoxBang on and simultaneously hold down both of the sound buttons on the  TX-9. If you would like to turn the FoxBang off, you need to repeat the same process.

Also, selecting the FoxBang sensitivity is a piece of cake. Just press and hold both volume buttons on the remote for 3 seconds. Next, use the volume buttons to select the sensitivity you want. Finally, press the “send” button in order to memorize the setting.

You can also operate your decoy or any other attachment with the remote control.

Another great thing about the TX-9 is that you can engage the “large text” mode if you’re having trouble reading the text on the screen. I tend to use this option frequently.

The Final Verdict

All in all, the Hellfire game call has proven to be quite an asset. It has everything I’m looking for in an electronic game call, and more.

Even though it’s more expensive than some other game calls, such as the Wildfire, it’s worth every penny. The Hellfire has plenty of great features that will help you enjoy every second of your hunting trip. I take mine just about everywhere I go. The Hellfire game call weighs under 3 lbs, so I can easily pack it in my backpack.

It’s important to mention that the manufacturers of the Hellfire made sure that this game call is both convenient and customizable. All the features aid hunters during their hunting. The fact that I can add, remove and categorize my sounds whenever  I want makes it the perfect device. I’m someone who loves bringing variety to all my hunting trips.

The FoxBang technology gives me the ability to fire my gun while simultaneously switching the sound presets. You can easily set the FoxBang sensitivity to any volume you like and memorize it. All in all, it’s quite a game-changing device.

It’s made me become a serious hunter over the years, and I can guarantee you that it will do the same for you. Hunting will become a whole new experience for you.

FOXPRO Wildfire 2 Review

FOXPRO Wildfire 2 Review

Here Goes the FoxPro Wildfire 2 Review!

Hunting is quite an exhilarating sport. I’ve been hunting for a long time, and I can tell you: each time is better than the last. Hunting has changed a lot over the years. In my opinion, for the better. In the past, hunters had to rely solely on their skills and ability to imitate other animals. Nowadays, technology serves as a tool that allows us to focus all our attention on just catching prey.

However, I would be lying if I said that technology has made catching prey a piece of cake. That’s not the case at all. You still need to know what you’re doing in order to be considered a good hunter. For this reason, using hunting equipment in order to improve your chances of catching prey can’t hurt.

Now, it’s equally important to pick out the right equipment, or else you won’t really have any benefits. In particular, your number one priority should be finding the right game call.

With the right electronic game call, you will not only feel a whole lot safer, but you will also be able to master the sport of hunting in no time! So, if that’s what you’re aiming for, I’m more than happy to help point you in the right direction. Let’s begin with one of my favorite game calls of all time: the FoxPro Wildfire 2 Game Call. I’ll give you a full review of the pros and cons of this electronic game call, and you can decide whether or not it’s the right fit for you.


Even though I don’t write reviews on all the electronic game calls I’ve ever used, I do like to write about the ones I consider to be top-notch. This FoxPro Wildfire 2 review will give you more insight into the pros and cons of this game call, as well as its key features. But first, here’s a brief overview of the game call itself.

The FoxPro Wildfire weighs only 1.5 lbs, and that’s with the batteries included. This weight makes it a portable piece of hunting equipment, and not to mention, extremely practical. The device itself comes with a number of handy features that make all my hunting trips incredibly exciting.

As for the batteries, you should pack some extra 4AA batteries for those long weekend trips, just in case. However, I should also mention that my batteries usually last between 30 to 40 hours, which is quite satisfying.

The Wildfire 2 is among the most effective game calls I’ve tried out, and I was more than happy with my purchase.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the key features of this highly recommended piece of hunting equipment.

Key features

Let me begin by listing the key features of the Wildfire 2:

  1. 200 sound capacity with 35 pre-programmed sounds included
  2. High efficiency built-in single speaker
  3. Remote control (TX9) with a LED display
  4. AVS molded housing
  5. Tripod mount and external jacks

What’s in the box

In case you’re wondering what’s included in the box when you order the FoxPro Wildfire 2 game call, here is what I received:

  1. The Wildfire 2 digital game call
  2. One TX-9 remote control
  3. A detailed operator’s manual
  4. The warranty registration card
  5. A 3.5mm stereo patch cable

Also, if you need any additional information, they include the customer service number on the manual. Additionally, the folks over at FOXPRO are extremely helpful!

200 sound capacity with 35 pre-programmed sounds included

Since I was looking for a game call with a lot of pre-recorded sounds, the Wildfire 2 definitely did not disappoint. Also, I was able to add quite a lot of new sounds. In fact, you can program up to 200 of your own sounds if you want! You can find all sorts of different sounds to download on the internet.

All you need to do is program the sounds onto your computer, using an adapter. Or, you can use a USB card reader instead. Admittedly, I did spend a lot of time listening to the sounds and playing around with them.

High efficiency built-in single speaker

Another important feature of the Wildfire 2 is the single built-in speaker which allows it to produce high-quality crisp sound. But, it doesn’t end there. Another great thing about the Wildfire 2 is the fact that you can attach external speakers to it if you want to enhance the sound.

But, in my experience, you probably won’t have to because the internal speaker is quite loud.

Remote control (TX9) with a LED display

One of my personal favorite features of this game call is the remote control with a LED display. It’s a piece of cake to handle, and it allows you to monitor sounds, volume, battery power, and even the running time of each game call.

The remote has two preset buttons which I use to store my top two favorite sounds. Also, you can control the decoy with the remote control.

AVS molded housing

I must admit, I was worried that all the dirt and water might affect the durability of the Wildfire 2 game call. However, my fears immediately vanished once I took it with me on a particularly rainy day.

In fact, the speaker is housed away from the game call surface, so no matter what the weather conditions are, the sound will remain clear. The rugged housing makes this game call a long-lasting piece of hunting gear, so don’t worry about getting it dirty.

Tripod mount and external jacks

The Wildfire 2 game call gives you the option of attaching additional parts to it. It comes with a 3.5 mm jack cable, so you can connect external speakers to it in order to enhance the sound.

Also, I sometimes like to use a tripod in order to elevate my game call from the ground. Luckily, the Wildfire 2 has a tripod mount port located at the bottom of the game call. I know that plenty of hunters also like to use a tripod in order to carry the sound across a longer range.


As promised, I will list all the pros of the FoxPro Wildfire 2 game call.

  • The Wildfire 2 comes with 35 pre-programmed sounds.
  • You can add up to 200 sounds of your own.
  • The durable housing makes it the perfect hunting tool to take with you regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Both the remote control and the game call itself are battery operated.
  • The remote control is easy to operate.
  • You can enhance the sound by adding external speakers.
  • The Wildfire 2 comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


Although I highly recommend this game call to all avid hunters, I will still mention some of the cons of this game call.

  • If you have a larger hand, or you are using bulky gloves on your hunting trip, you may have some difficulty with the handle on top of the game call.
  • You will need to purchase a decoy separately, as it is not included with this game call.
  • The Micro SD card reader, as well as the tripod mount, are also not included with the product.

Why buy the FoxPro Wildfire 2 game call

It’s quite obvious from my FoxPro Wildfire 2 game call review that I consider it a prime piece of equipment. From the price to the features, it doesn’t let down. So, let’s take a look at why I recommend that you should buy it as well.


Not only does it have plenty of pre-programmed sounds, but it also allows you to add 200 sounds of your own. I had a lot of fun adding new interesting sounds before each hunting trip.

Downloading the sounds was a piece of cake. All I had to do was save my favorite sounds in a folder on my computer and then upload them to the game call. It was actually no harder than uploading pictures from a digital camera!

As soon as I uploaded the sounds, I made a backup folder on my computer where I separated them by species.

I should mention that since you can switch SD cards as often as you want, you actually have a limitless number of calls at your disposal. Just remember, you also need to download the sounds to your remote control.

Durability and portability

We hunters need a product that is durable, yet easy to handle. And that’s what I got with the FoxPro Wildfire 2. I love the fact that I can take it with me when it’s raining, and not have to worry about it malfunctioning in any way.

Also, it’s important to have a lightweight game call that allows you to easily transport it wherever you go. Luckily, at a mere 1.5 lbs, the Wildfire fits into that category. I like to carry mine in a backpack when I go hunting. It’s practically comparable in size to a 12V flashlight, so obviously it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Easy operation

An easily operated remote control is always a must. Again, the Wildfire is extremely easy to operate, so no problem there. If you have a decoy, you can also operate it with the remote control. In fact, any attachment can be operated using the remote.

The remote control operates on a single 9V alkaline battery. The TX-9 has a graphic display, preset buttons that allow you to access your most commonly used sounds, a recall button, volume level indicator, elapsed timer, and also a battery level indicator.

If you want to turn on the FoxBang, you can easily do so by simultaneously pressing the up and down volume button on your remote. To turn it off, just repeat the same process.

The final verdict

In my opinion, this game call is a high-quality piece of hunting equipment. I got exactly what I was looking for, and I’ll definitely be replacing my cheap game calls with the FoxPro Wildfire 2 game call.

This game call is not too expensive, which may cause you to think it lacks some important features. However, that’s not the case. It has plenty of handy features, including the ability to store 200 sounds of your choosing onto its system. If you like experimenting with different game calls, then the Wildfire 2 is just what you need.

You can take it with you just about anywhere you go. It’s amazingly durable and easy to transport. Just put it in your backpack and get ready to hunt.

The FoxPro Wildfire 2 game call gives you all the reinforcement you need in order to make your hunting trip as enjoyable as possible.

All in all, I give this game call two thumbs up!

FOXPRO Banshee Review

A Versatile Choice – The FOXPRO Banshee Review

Here Goes My FOXPRO Banshee Review!

Hunting can be quite a dreadful experience without the addition of various hunting accessories that ease up the whole process. Predators such as coyotes have proven to be quite clever and deceiving. As a predator hunter, it’s your responsibility to make sure that each of these predators has been dealt with. What’s more important, you need to do it properly. Fortunately enough, many companies dedicated their time to creating the appropriate equipment for hunters. In most cases, predator decoys seem to be sufficient. However, you can combine them with other devices such as predator calls to increase the effectiveness of your hunt. The demand for predator callers is on the rise at the moment due to their remote control functionality. Therefore, I’ll be taking a look at FOXPRO’s Banshee remote control game caller.

A Brief Overview of the Features

The model’s dimensions are 9’’ x 6.5’’ x 5’’. It weighs around 3 pounds with the batteries included. There is a USB port on the side of the model. In addition to that, there’s one auxiliary jack, external speaker jack, and one charge jack.


This model uses the same horn speaker as most of the other FOXPRO models do. It comes with a long-range remote controller that has its own LCD display. Most of the buttons are programmable, and you can assign any function that you want. It comes with 100 FOXPRO sounds, but you can store up to 200. The Banshee caller places the sounds in their appropriate categories and gives you an option to add your own. Furthermore, it utilizes the company’s newest function, FoxBang (more on that later). It also supports the use of lithium rechargeable battery packs as well as Nickel-metal hydride batteries (NiMH).


This is just a general overview of what the product offers. I will be going through each of these features in greater detail down below.

An In-Depth Look into the Key Features

Sound Storage Capacity and Speaker Functionality

FOXPRO Banshee is a portable unit with an integrated horn speaker. The performance of the speaker is on an optimal and satisfying level. That’s probably the reason why FOXPRO integrates the same horn speaker in their other models such as Wildfire, Hellfire, and CS24 callers. A positive remark that I have to make regarding the speaker is how loud it actually is! I’ve compared it to other units, and it seems to be slightly louder. It also showcases a greater range of volume.


During my first time out with the unit, I set the hearing range from 40 yards to about 90. I managed to shoot a coyote that came out from a bush 50 yards away from my position. Not only was the sound loud and attracted immediate attention, but it was crystal clear as well. I used one of the built-in coyote call presets at the appropriate time intervals. Overall, for a first time out, I would say that the unit did a pretty good job. That said, let’s move on to the sounds themselves.


Sound Database Management

As I mentioned a bit earlier, FOXPRO Banshee comes with 100 built-in sound presets. That, however, does not mean that you can’t increase the number of the presets up to 200. FOXPRO allows you to manage your sound database by connecting the unit to your PC. There’s a USB port on the side of the unit which connects to the computer immediately (at least in my case). The company has its own program called ‘’FoxPro Programmer’’ and you need to make sure that you have the latest version of it. That’s important because they’ve added some new features in comparison to the previous versions. Once you hook up the unit with the program, adding, removing, and reorganizing your sounds is as easy as it gets!


What I love about the sound management is that I can create my own categories and reorder the sound types based on what I’m hunting. It’s an extremely useful feature to have. Keep in mind, you can hook up your unit with an additional speaker if you want to increase the caller range even more.


Long-range Remote Control

It’s pretty obvious that you’ll need some kind of controller in order to operate the unit. Luckily enough, the remote controller that comes with the unit does even more than that. It offers good long-range capabilities which do not eat up the batteries.


I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the screen on the controller is exceptionally well made and easy to read. FOXPRO integrated a backlighting mode into the remote control screen in order to allow the users to navigate the sounds even during the night.


Moreover, the buttons are labeled, and they make the interface navigation pretty straightforward and simple. Some people might take some time to get used to the button positions and functionality. Personally, I didn’t have any problems with it, but I’ve read some complaints online. However, an interesting thing about the buttons is that they’re programmable. What that essentially means is that you can assign any function that you like to each button. That way you can make the best use of the remote controller and transform its functions according to your preferences.


The controller uses 10 AA batteries. You can either use lithium rechargeable battery packs or NiMH batteries.


The only downside of the remote controller is that the buttons themselves are not backlit. I found it difficult to navigate the sound database properly while I was testing out the unit during the night. You can rectify that issue a little bit by using the programmable button feature. However, backlit buttons would have been extremely useful in certain conditions.


FoxBang Feature

FoxBang is FOXPRO’s innovative feature that doesn’t require you to use your remote in-between your shots. What it does is that it automatically switches to the first preset after you discharge your firearm. I tested out the feature by firing five consecutive shots in the open field. I used two rabbit and bird distress signals at first and then switched over to coyote pup distress signals. FOXPRO Banshee immediately went through five of my designated presets, and I didn’t even have to touch the remote. That is a perfect way of setting up the atmosphere. Since you create a lot of noise, it causes the animals to sneak up in order to see what’s going on. That’s where their curiosity gets the best of them.

Pros and Cons

Since I explored FOXPRO Banshee’s features in greater detail, I’ll provide a short list of summarized positives and negatives. You’ll have a clearer look at everything that the unit has to offer.


  • The unit has good sound storage capacity (it can store up to 200 sounds)
  • It uses the FoxBang feature which greatly eases up the process of hunting
  • The buttons on the remote are programmable (you can assign any function to them)
  • The remote control has a large backlit display
  • Interface navigation is as simple as it gets
  • The speaker is loud and clear


No product is without flaws, so FOXPRO Banshee is no different in that regard. There really isn’t that much to say about the downsides. However, there are some minor ways in which the unit can be improved.

  • The buttons are not backlit (makes navigating sounds at night difficult)
  • The sounds of the unit are not as clear when the volume is maxed out

Why Buy the FOXPRO Banshee?

Lightweight and Portable

FOXPRO Banshee is a unit which is extremely easy to carry around and set up. It weighs only three pounds unlike some of the other FOXPRO units from the series. As a hunter, you want to be mobile and able to switch positions on the go. Carrying a heavier unit might be a problem in such situations because it limits your movement. I’m happy to say that that’s not the case with this unit. The company even sells a special bag for it, which is completely optional. The bag is often bought together with the unit, and it can be worn like a belt. That means that you can focus more on carrying your other equipment (rifles, etc.).

Durable and Firm

Another reason to purchase this unit is its actual design and construction. The material feels firm and sturdy. The outer frame of the unit is quite durable which is important in case an animal (a coyote) decides to attack the unit. I’ve noticed that it fares well against various indentations and scratches. Moreover, the unit is backed by a three-year warranty in case there are problems regarding the overall functionality of the device.



The manufacturers made sure that the main focus of the unit was to be as convenient and customizable as possible. The unit utilizes a set of features which aid the hunters during their hunting. With this unit, you can add, remove, categorize and reorder your sounds however you want. The sound database itself offers a lot of storage space (up to 200 presets). That alone brings variety to your hunting experience.


The remote controller is user-friendly and offers a simple way of navigating the interface. The display is backlit and can be used during the night as well.


Furthermore, the unit produces a decent level of loudness and offers a long-range support for remote controlling. One of its features, FoxBang, gives you an ability to fire your gun and switch the sound presets simultaneously. You can even set up in which order your presets play out while you fire the gun.

Final Thoughts

FOXPRO is a company who always ensures that their units offer an effective solution to dealing with many environmental pests. FOXPRO Banshee really does what it was supposed to do. Most companies overdesign their game callers and cram them with unnecessary features in order to increase their value. The focus with this unit was on simplicity and effectiveness.


Surely enough, the unit is not without its flaws. The buttons on the remote control can definitely be improved with the addition of backlighting. In addition, the sound clarity deforms after a while when you increase the volume to the max. Perhaps FOXPRO can include an additional speaker to dodge that issue.


All in all, while using the unit I’ve definitely noticed that my hunting experience was more successful and enjoyable. This was my take on one of the FOXPRO’s products, and I really hope that my FOXPRO Banshee Review helped you in some way.

FOXPRO Shockwave Review

Want it all? Have it – The FOXPRO Shockwave Review

Here is My FOXPRO Shockwave Review

I believe that I don’t have to remind you just how important game calls can be. Without a proper predator call, you can spend countless hours waiting for your game to show up. And the worst thing is that, well, it may never show up. That’s why you need a good and reliable predator call that will make your life in the wilds as easy as possible. That’s where our FOXPRO Shockwave Review will jump to the rescue as well.

You may think that getting the right predator call is not a difficult task but, believe me, it definitely is. During my very long hunting career, I tried many different models, and my overall experience is very mixed. I certainly had some very good predator calls but, in some cases, I was severely disappointed. To be honest, though, some of them were quite cheap, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised with the outcome.

A common rule of thumb is that, basically, you always get what you pay for. It’s not easy to spend a lot of money to get what you want but, the truth is, you do get it at the end. The given price stands there for a reason. So, if you want true quality, you’ll definitely need a bigger budget.

If there was one particular predator call that I would recommend right now, that would undoubtedly be FOXPRO Shockwave predator call. In my opinion, FOXPRO raised the bar way too high with this one. It’s an outstanding predator call, and it comes with plenty of different features. The pure awesomeness of this product is exactly what inspired me to write this FOXPRO Shockwave Review.

This FOXPRO Shockwave Review is here to deliver all the necessary information that any hunter should have before deciding to buy this extraordinary predator call. Regardless of your experience, this is a must-have for your hunting equipment! So let’s dive right in and see why this predator call is so exceptional.



FOXPRO Shockwave Review

The first thing that we are going to focus on is the overview of the product itself.

So, as I mentioned above, we have a top-quality electronic predator call here. FOXPRO is a very recognizable name in this market, and the number of satisfied customers says it all. They always try to improve their products and to offer some new features along the road. FOXPRO Shockwave predator call is a practical showcase of how you can get both innovation and flexibility at the same time.

The Basic Info

Before we move on with our FOXPRO Shockwave Review, let’s take a look at some basic info first. The dimensions of this predator call are 5.75 x 12.25 x 7.75 inches respectively. The game call weighs about 3.9 lbs, and it requires 10 AA batteries to operate. Based on my own experience, the typical runtime will vary between three to seven hours total. That’s pretty much ideal.

But I have to add that the uptime can also vary depending on other factors. The most critical ones include the volume, the temperature, and even the battery type as well. So, once you have that in mind, you should be able to figure out how long your FOXPRO Shockwave can last.

This predator call has four speakers in total. It has two horn speakers and two tweeters, both in the front and rear of the device. I can say that their quality is truly astonishing and, in fact, they’re some of the best speakers I’ve ever seen. The sounds are clean and natural, just how I want them to be. You also get a single USB port, one charge jack, two external speaker jacks and one auxiliary jack as well. You can use all of those additional jacks to extend the power of your speakers if (for some reason) you’re not satisfied with the default output.

I should also add that the remote comes with an outstanding LCD screen. Some of my earlier game calls had many issues here but, in this case, I can confirm that the screen is extremely functional and it allows me to see everything I need. You can easily track your battery power, temperature, moon phases…and much more. We will go into more details in the next section.

The Key Features

We’ve come to the very core of our FOXPRO Shockwave Review – the key features. These features are exactly what makes this predator call so great in the first place. Let’s start off with the design.

The design

I can say that the design is truly one of a kind. Even though this game call is not as easy to carry as, for example, FOXPRO Inferno, it’s still portable enough nonetheless. You can easily move it around along with the rest of your hunting equipment.

It may take some time for you to learn how to cope with this game call but the whole process is very straightforward. You can easily access any feature in no time, and you’ll also have plenty of information available to you as well. I would say that the trickiest part is to learn what each of these “innovative features” stands for. But don’t worry, I got you covered there too!

This predator call is also very durable. The game call is made from a composite ABS material. Any experienced hunter can tell you just how tough ABS can be. With this kind of design, you can rest assured that your new predator call will last quite a while. In the worst case scenario, you have a 5-year warranty if something goes really wrong.

The innovative features

This right here is perhaps the highlight of this FOXPRO Shockwave Review. These features make FOXPRO Shockwave stand out from the crowd very easily. If you just look at the names only, you’ll hardly realize what makes them so special. But, no worries, I will explain everything down below. So, when we talk about innovative features, we talk about the following specific modes:


You will often be too busy to change the actual sounds of your game call. No matter how much you really need to do it, it’s very common for a hunter to have both of his hands occupied with other things. This feature allows you to change any sounds in a real hands-free fashion. It just doesn’t get better than that!


This right here is one of my favorite features. FOXMOTION allows you to “fade” the sounds from the left speakers all the way to the right speakers. That way, the actual sounds are way more realistic and natural. The fading technique is more likely to draw in your game. That’s exactly what happens in nature as well, which makes it very easy to set up a trap.


This is another feature that can be very handy. As you might have figured out from the name already, this feature allows you to alter the pitch in order to make the sounds even more realistic. It’s very easy to make various alterations and to mix things up a bit. I can tell you that FOXPITCH works perfectly both in theory and practice as well.


I mentioned above that FOXPITCH allows you to mix things up and create many different iterations of the exact same sound. Well, FOXFUSION is all about mixing all kinds of sounds! In this case, you can mix and match two different sounds. In that case, the output sound is a combination of two different sounds at the same time. I definitely recommend trying out this feature. In my case, it worked like a charm, and I have no doubt that the same will happen to you as well.


If you ever wanted to record the actual data for some of your future hunting adventures, FOXDATA allows you to do just that. In order to accurately determine the activity of your prey as well as the chances of catching it, you need to track and analyze some information. FOXDATA allows real-time recording of many different parameters such as the temperature, moon phases, and stand duration. This feature will ensure that you are properly prepared before heading out to grab your prize.

The Programmable Calls

This FOXPRO Shockwave Review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the programmable calls. This predator call has 100 sounds by default. They are useful not only for common predators like coyotes but also for the other ones like bears and red foxes too. Even though you have only 100 sounds, the unit can actually hold up to 1000 different calls in total. You can easily take a look at the free libraries provided by many different sources on the internet. From there, you can download your favorite ones and store them for your future endeavors.

The Remote Control

Many predator calls come with very faulty remotes, and I already have a vast collection of them. This one, however, is not only functional but also very easy to use as well. One of the highlights here is the LCD screen. You can see all the categories and/or sound lists in a matter of seconds. And you can also track other parameters as well (we mentioned most of them already). You also have a barometer and even the timers as well. All of the features are very accessible, and this is exactly how a remote control should be made (from my perspective).

The Connectivity

We mentioned this already in the previous sections of this FOXPRO Shockwave Review but let’s make a recap. This predator call has plenty of connectivity. If you’re not satisfied with the default output of the built-in speakers, you can extend them very easily. You’ll get two 3.5-mm external speaker jacks, a single 3.5-mm auxiliary jack, a single charge jack, and a USB port that allows you to connect your game call to a computer. Regardless of what method you prefer, you will get to experience a truly exceptional connectivity nonetheless.


  • Outstanding functionality and an excellent design
  • Great durability
  • Plenty of innovative features that can draw in your game very effectively
  • You can add your own calls as well (the unit can hold up to 1000 of them at a time)
  • The remote control is also very operational. And the integrated LCD screen is truly one of the highlights here.



  • FOXPRO Shockwave is quite an expensive predator call and, if you have a limited budget, you’ll have a problem here.
  • The remote tends to malfunction in some circumstances.

Why Buy the FOXPRO Shockwave?

This is the actual purpose of our FOXPRO Shockwave Review – to answer a question like this. You should buy this predator call because you will get a very functional and a very durable unit at the same time. It’s an all-around solution that can be used by both experienced hunters and inexperienced newcomers as well. It does have a somewhat steep learning curve, but you should still figure out the basic concepts fairly quickly.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to sum things up. This predator call is worth every penny. It’s expensive, yes, but if you want true quality, this is an absolute must-have for your hunting collection. The main purpose of this review was to provide you with all the necessary information. The final decision will certainly be yours, but I wanted to share my opinion and give you a good overview of what you should expect here. And I hope that my honest recommendation managed to help you out with that.

FOXPRO HammerJack Review

Top Notch and Feature Filled – FOXPRO HammerJack Review

FOXPRO HammerJack Review

In addition to skill and patience, an experienced hunter needs the right equipment. Also, he needs that equipment to function seamlessly in order to be able to concentrate on catching his prey.

Catching predators is challenging enough. We have to remember that they are quite intelligent and have highly developed senses that serve to protect them from other predators, including hunters.

Tricking such cunning creatures presents a challenge for every hunter. Luckily, nowadays we have a vast number of devices that serve to help us capture predators with far greater ease. With these devices, you won’t have to worry about perfecting your predator calls, and can devote all our attention to just catching your prey.

It’s very important that you choose the right electronic device. I’d be lying if I said that was easy. I had an impossibly hard time finding the perfect electronic predator call device, not to mention all the money I spent while doing so.

Finally, I was ecstatic when I found out about the FOXPRO Hammer Jack! I was skeptical at first, I must admit. After all, it’s pretty hard to believe that such a fully functioning, top-notch, feature-filled device could be purchased for such an affordable price. But, it turns out my skepticism was unnecessary.

Not only am I hunting like a pro, but I’m also having fun doing so. Now, my only regret is that I didn’t find out about the Hammer Jack sooner!

For this reason, I’m here to talk to you about my experience using the FOXPRO Hammer Jack electronic predator call. I hope to convince you to make it your e-call device of choice.


It’s my strong opinion that reading product reviews before purchasing a product is crucial. You should be aware of the pros and cons, the additional features and the overall performance of the product.


That’s why it’s important to say that the FOXPRO Hammer Jack electronic predator call is among the best predator calls on the market. Reading through all the customer reviews, I noticed that the overall opinion of the Hammer Jack was extremely positive.


So, if you strive to become a better hunter, this device is perfect for you.

The FOXPRO Hammer Jack is easy to operate, and due to its small weight, it is also easy to transport. Transport is very important since you need to move around while you hunt. That’s why the Hammer Jack’s light weight of just three pounds is perfect for hunters. I know I don’t enjoy lugging around a massive piece of equipment while trying to remain as camouflaged as possible.


The device has dual-amplified speakers that can deliver amazing audio volume. But, if you want to pump up the volume, even more, you can connect two external speakers. That will give you incredible audio.

You should probably consider attaching the external speakers whenever you’re hunting in the snow or the rain. Otherwise, the sound quality is perfectly fine without the added volume.

If you’re still not 100% sure whether this is the right device for you, you should definitely keep reading. FOXPRO makes amazing products and I’ll have you convinced in no time!

Key features

In this section, I will give you an outline of the key features of the FOXPRO Hammer Jack. Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of why it comes so highly recommended.

Top quality sound

The FOXPRO Hammer Jack is equipped with 100 different high-quality sounds and an additional 111 free ones. It has an impressive audio capacity and can hold up to 300 sounds.

Thanks to its dual-amplified speakers, the FOXPRO delivers impressive volume. If you want to further increase the volume, you can do so by connecting two external speakers to the Hammer Jack.

The rear cone speaker distributes low-frequency sounds. These sounds include owl sounds, bear growls, mountain lion sounds, etc. As for the front speaker, it handles coyote sounds and the usual distress sounds. Together, these speakers produce high-quality, realistic sounding audio with surprising ease.

Remote control functions

The Hammer Jack remote control is easily operated. You will be able to navigate through the different categories of sounds without trouble. There are two preset buttons on the remote, volume buttons, a mute button and more.

FOXPRO Hammer Jack has large LCD panels which allow easy navigation through the main menu. A red backlight is included in the panel. This feature allows you to hunt at night. The brightness can be adjusted from 10%-100%.

The remote includes a timer so you can keep track of the elapsed time. I especially found this function handy, since I’m focused on improving my speed.

Devices included in the package

Included in the FOXPRO Hammer Jack package is a charging jack, an auxiliary jack, and also a USB. The USB allows you to reprogram the call whenever you want. I personally love the fact that the Hammer Jack is so customizable.

In order to reprogram,  you simply need to connect it to your computer, and you’ll have full access to the sound library. Additionally, all the main sound file formats are supported.

Also, you get the FoxJack 4 decoy with a Fuzzy Wuzzy topper included in the package. The decoy is top quality, so that’s an added plus.

All you need to provide is 8 AA batteries, and you’re good to go. Just make sure you use better quality batteries like I do. That will ensure that the batteries last longer, so you can continue to hunt worry-free, for as long as you want.

Extensive sound library

First and foremost, I just love the fact that the Jack Hammer holds up to 300 different sounds! The other e-call devices couldn’t hold even close to that amount of calls, not to mention the 111 free calls that are available.

The standard factory programmed sound list has 100 sounds which include: Female Coyote Submissive, Red Fox Rally, Kitten Cries, Gray Fox Distress, Wolf Pair Howl and much more.

The free sounds include Buck Fight, Antler Rattling, Buck Grunts, Buck Snort, Siren Coyote Pup Distress and much more.


The FOXPRO Hammer Jack has a three-year limited warranty. That gives you plenty of time to test out the product and see if everything is in good working order.

Thankfully, I haven’t used my warranty, as I am more than happy with my FOXPRO Jack Hammer.

Pros and Cons

Although it’s difficult to be objective when reviewing a product you’re completely satisfied with, I know it’s important for potential buyers to be aware of both the pros and the cons. Just a word of warning before I begin: there are far more pros than there are cons. Here is a list of all the pros and cons of the FOXPRO Jack Hammer:


  • Crisp, high-quality sound.
  • Ability to store up to 300 different sounds.
  • Enhanced user interface ability.
  • A large LCD panel.
  • It comes with an elapsed timer.
  • The FoxJack 4 decoy with a Fuzzy Wuzzy topper is included in the package.
  • Three-year warranty.
  • Incredible price to quality ratio.
  • Easy to carry around due to its light weight.
  • Easy to use.


  • Due to the fact that the device can hold up to 300 sounds, you’ll most likely feel compelled to buy additional calls.
  • Sadly, the device is not waterproof.
  • You’ll need to carry extra batteries with you at all times.
  • The device cannot play two sounds at the same time.

Why buy the FOXPRO Hammer Jack

The FOXPRO Hammer Jack has been one of the best investments I’ve made so far. I’m always looking to improve my hunting skills, and the Hammer Jack has proved to be a worthy companion.

This device is a true gem in the hunting industry. It offers you plenty of options for an affordable price. Honestly, I never had another product that comes close to the Hammer Jack. It performs well above the expectations that come with its price tag.

It comes with a Fox Jack decoy with true-to-life features that will effectively fool even the smartest predator. Additionally, you can operate the fuzzy topper with the remote control. All you have to do is press the “aux” button to start the topper and then press it again in order to stop it.

Killing your pray with expert precision will become a breeze! I guarantee it!

So, if you’re looking to improve your hunting skills like me, the FOXPRO Hammer Jack is the way to go. As you can see from my review, the pros overshadow the cons. What more could you want?

Final thoughts

I had all but given up hope before I found this gem of a device. So much time and money spent, and no results. But, once I read about the FOXPRO Hammer Jack, my faith was immediately restored. So, I quickly took the next step and purchased the device. And,  I’ve never been happier.

Overall, the FOXPRO Hammer Jack is now my best friend. I can’t praise it enough. If you too are serious about improving your hunting skills, the FOXPRO Hammer Jack is the best option for you. So, give it a go!

The FOXPRO Fusion review

Best All Around – The FOXPRO Fusion review

Here Goes My FOXPRO Fusion review!


As an avid hunter, I have probably spent a small fortune on game calls. From the cheapest to the least financially forgiving, I have had criticisms for each and every one of them. Whether it was poor build quality, poor sound quality, short battery life or less-than-stellar usability, I had yet to use one that excelled in all of these areas at the same time. I thought that there just wasn’t a perfect formula. That is, until I bought a FOXPRO Fusion.

With how important a game call can be to a hunter, you have to imagine my delight when I came upon the Fusion. It wasn’t easy to believe at first. Simply put, I have never used a game call quite as feature-rich as this one. T

he Fusion and its included remote have such a wealth of features that it’s honestly hard not to be amazed. It may take a while for me to even describe all of its many features. But don’t be fooled, the Fusion isn’t a “Jack of all trades, master of none” kind of product. It isn’t a product with a lot of features and no backbone. Simply put, it excels in all of the above areas. What we can see with the Fusion is the fantastic build quality, as is to be expected of FOXPRO at this point. We also have stellar sound quality, incredibly realistic calls, very solid battery life and great user experience all-around. If this were all that the Fusion had to offer, I would have been perfectly satisfied. But it’s the mounds of features and functionality that put it over the top for me.

To try and keep this review shorter than a novel, here is a condensed list of the key features the Fusion has to offer:

  • A hundred high quality sounds to choose from out of the box, with the ability to store and access up to a thousand at a time.
  • Front and back speakers.
  • FOX Pitch, which lets you manipulate the pitch of a call to your liking. That can help lure in stubborn game.
  • FOX Data, which tracks everything from the barometer and moon phase to the time and other data for you to look at later. Useful for keeping track of specific hunting conditions for specific game.
  • FOX Motion, which lets you fade a call sound between the front and back spears to simulate movement.
  • And FOX Bang, which lets you program an automated response to your gunshot, such as changing to a different call.


Aside from these features, the Fusion has a lot of extra functionality to make your life a little more convenient. For example, the ability to connect two external speakers for a considerable volume boost. Frankly, I have never found myself having to use this feature because of the crisp and very audible sound of the Fusion’s built-in speakers.

Its offerings may seem a little too good to believe at first. Does it actually hold up to its core promises?

Pros/Key Features

Superb sound quality and excellent calls out of the box

The bread and butter of a game call are its calls. Good quality calls and good quality audio is essential for a good game call. And to that end, the Fusion succeeds by leagues. The calls that come bundled with the Fusion are amongst the best I’ve ever heard. The audio quality is crystal clear and has been very effective so far for me.

Loud speakers

Of course, the best calls in the world will do you no good if the coyotes can’t hear them. Thankfully, I’m happy to report the Fusion has very powerful speakers that can project quite a way away. Combine the crystal clear audio quality with the power of the speakers, and it’s something you have to experience for yourself.

Great remote

I like the remote a lot. It’s just very easy to use, even when I am not paying attention to it. I think this comes down to the design of the buttons, which are very noticeable and easy to find with your fingers. I find the screen very readable too, even at night, which is important if you’re farsighted like me. You can easily memorize where the buttons you use the most are and use them without having to look. It becomes second nature almost immediately.

Excellent build quality

As I talked about earlier, the Fusion has a fantastic build quality. A common criticism I have for cheaper game calls is that they tend to feel like they’re about to come apart in my hands. I’m one of those people who can’t stand cheap, plastic-y products that feel like they could fall apart at any moment. If I pay for something, I expect it to feel sturdy and like it will last for a while. Thankfully, the Fusion accomplishes that and more. While I, of course, recommend treating an expensive and important tool like this with a lot of care, there’s no doubt the Fusion can handle a little wear and tear with no problems.

Effective design and a nice look

Aside from the Fusion’s build quality, I love its simple, yet effective design and sleek look. I personally like the Kryptek Highlander camo the most, which is what I ordered my Fusion in. The carrying handle is a nice addition, and the Fusion’s compact design lets me carry it in one hand with ease. But, what I like the most is the ease with which I can use a lanyard with it. It frees up my other hand I’d normally carry my Fusion with. I would recommend using a sturdy lanyard or a strap, though.

Usable with or without the remote

You may be worried that, if you’re out hunting one night and using a remote, you’re risking the remote’s battery dying out on you in the midst of a hunt. Thankfully, the call itself is perfectly usable either way, with or without a remote. I’ve personally had this happen to me at least once when I forgot to change the batteries in the remote after a while, but I pulled through the night with no problems. Admittedly, it wasn’t as convenient as using the remote, but it’s still a perfectly usable call without it. I applaud FOXPRO for not glancing over a crucial design feature like this one.

Great battery life (with good batteries)

While we’re on the topic of batteries, I have to admit that I’m very satisfied with the Fusion’s battery life. Of course, it’s worth mentioning I use good batteries with mine, which I recommend you do too. But assuming that you do, you may even find yourself surprised with how good the battery life is. I remember using my Fusion for close to a whole day without recharging it. In any case, as long as you don’t forget to recharge it every now and again, I would say that there’s no worry of it dying out on you at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

No gimmicks, useful and convenient features

Features like FOX Bang, FOX Data, and FOX Pitch may appear gimmicky at first, but I’ve found almost all of them to be incredibly handy. I fondly remember using FOX Bang to catch two coyotes one night, after the second one ran away but came back on a distress call. And I have no doubt the analytical types will love FOX Data and its meticulous tracking of every possible detail. FOX Pitch can come in handy for stubborn game. I know, because I’ve used it on more than one occasion and it’s worked wonders for me.

FOX Data

I highlight FOX Data here because it’s, by far, the most useful feature, aside from the call’s core functions. It keeps a meticulous record of every possible detail, from the barometer and temperature to the time and other data. You can view all of this recorded data on a computer and adjust your tactics as needed, try to recreate specific conditions for certain game, etc. It’s really an incredibly welcome addition and one I’m glad FOXPRO thought of.


FOX Bang has a habit of accidentally triggering every now and then

I have accidentally triggered FOX Bang every now and then without meaning to. I think that maybe the sensors could use a little adjusting to fix that. It isn’t a severe problem, but it’s one that I’ve noticed.


Not very simple to figure out

The Fusion is not a product that’s necessarily simple to figure out right from the get-go. Fiddling around with the remote is bound to get you nowhere fast. Because of the wealth of features and functionality it offers, it can be overwhelming at first. I strongly recommend getting a hold of the full manual from the manufacturer’s website. I know it isn’t fun, and most of us would rather wing it, but I think that you need to learn about all of its different features to truly unlock all of the advantages the Fusion gives you.

Should You Buy The FOXPRO Fusion?


If my answer wasn’t obvious from the get-go – yes, I think you should. If you’re an avid hunter, if you want to maybe sharpen your skills or improve your chances a little, then the FOXPRO Fusion is absolutely the game call for you. I know that it’s the game call for me. I’ve been using it for a little while now, and it’s been an absolute delight. If my list of criticisms seemed a little short to you, it’s because it’s genuinely hard for me to find anything I dislike about this product in particular. And even if I could think of more criticisms, honestly, with how feature-rich it is and its overall quality paired with a relatively affordable price, it wouldn’t matter much to me.

FOXPRO is known for its quality assurance, but the Fusion is a perfect example of a product with quality and quantity in equal amounts. The build quality is excellent, the audio quality is superb, and the calls that come bundled with the Fusion are amongst the best I’ve ever used. But, the well-designed remote and call itself are the foundation. The many amazing features that come with the Fusion, such as FOX Motion, FOX Pitch, and FOX Data are the icing on the cake.


If you want to unlock your full potential as a hunter, I wholeheartedly recommend the FOXPRO Fusion game call. I know I’ll continue to use and enjoy using it for years to come.

FOXPRO Inferno review

Best Bang For Your Buck – The FOXPRO Inferno Review

Here is my FOXPRO Inferno Review!

Hunting is definitely a sport which has changed a lot. Unlike before, modern hunters have a range of useful technology at their disposal. However, the presence of tech does not make hunting any less of a challenge. Those devices are, after all, nothing more than devices. So, a true hunter needs to rely on skill and expertise to use them in the right way. It is just as important to choose the right device, with which you’ll know exactly what you are doing. We will see in this FOXPRO Inferno review if this is the right predator call for you.


Hunters are starting to rely more and more on e-calls when hunting various predators. The fact is that predators present a great challenge even for experienced hunters. Such animals are intelligent and cunning. Besides that, their senses are highly developed as they are hunters themselves. Predators see, hear and sense more than other animals.


The old-fashioned way of hunting predators is by imitating their calls with your mouth. That way, you can trick even the most cunning animal and lead it right into your trap. However, these mouth call techniques are hard to master and outdated. Today, you can use electronic predator or game calls for this purpose, which can store a multitude of different sounds.

An e-call is a complex device with many functions and specific uses. You want to be sure you’ve chosen the best one available. That is why I am here to tell you all about my experience with the handy FOXPRO Inferno electronic predator call.


I don’t normally write reviews of my hunting gear, but with the FOXPRO Inferno, I decided to make an exception. I wanted to share the fact that the FOXPRO Inferno is one of the best predator calls within its price range. This device comes with a variety of features which can make hunting way more intense and faster for any hunter.


The FOXPRO inferno is not too big, with the official dimensions listed as 7.5″ x 3.75″ x 5″. What I love about it is that it weighs a mere 1.5 lbs, with batteries included. It’s extremely portable and practical, so you won’t be bothered hauling it around. It takes 4 AA batteries to power up the main unit and 3 AA batteries for the remote. As for the speaker, it has a single horn speaker which produces sounds of more than decent quality. If you need more volume than usual, you can easily add an extra speaker via the external jack.


As for the features of the FOXPRO Inferno, I’ll get into detail about those and tell you about my experiences. But overall, it’s been very effective for me, and my chickens and livestock are especially grateful for the lack of predators in the area. You can use it for all kinds of animals because it comes with many different sounds, and you can even add your own files. In short, it works fast and gets the job done. Buckle up as we get into the meaty details of the Foxpro inferno review!

Key Features

Here’s an outline of the key features of the FOXPRO Inferno electronic predator call.

●      User-friendly Interface

The FOXPRO Inferno comes with a large-screen remote which is very easy to figure out. When you’re out hunting, and your game is near, you know you don’t have any time to waste on figuring out a complicated device. For me, FOXPRO Inferno was easy enough to get used to that I’m using it by reflex now, without putting any thought into it. I’m also happy with the fact that the display is bright and large enough to be visible under any weather conditions.


●      Remote Control

The remote is one of my favorite features of the FOXPRO Inferno. It works at a very decent range and gives you all the options you need. You can use the remote to swap between different sound categories in your library. Since you can customize everything, you can easily make this work for you. Overall, there are two preset buttons on the remote, as well as a pair of volume control buttons and a mute button.


●      Great Sound Library

The FOXPRO Inferno comes with 75 pre-installed animal sounds. Now, like most of us, I know the e-call sound makes all the difference when hunting, so I like to get very specific. That is why I appreciate the fact that this device can store up to 200 sounds, which has proven more than enough for me. Also, you get to organize your sounds into categories, which makes it incredibly easy to use. You won’t be wasting time looking for the right file if you’ve organized them the way you wanted.


●      Sound Quality

Most kinds of game have a keen, far-reaching sense of hearing. If your e-call device isn’t producing natural-sounding, high-quality calls, you’re not fooling anyone. What’s also important is the fact that you’ll be playing sounds at various volumes and the quality needs to be maintained regardless of loudness. I find the FOXPRO Inferno very reliable when it comes to sound quality. Even the pre-recorded sounds get the job done for me.


●      Reprogrammable

As I’ve already said, the FOXPRO Inferno is very customizable, which is very important to me. It is very easy to use since it comes with a standard USB port. Basically, it’s the same as with any other USB device. You simply connect it to your home computer, and you have full access to the sound library. All the main sound file formats are supported, so you can add MP3, WAV and FXP sounds.


●      External Speaker Jack

FOXPRO Inferno comes with a 3.5mm external speaker jack. There, you can plug in another speaker if you need to boost the volume. Now, I don’t use additional speakers too often, but I know they can come in really useful. It all depends on the acoustics of the environment, which can be affected by weather. If you live in a snowy area, you know what I mean by that. Overall, it’s good to have it as an option, and it takes no effort to add more speakers.

●      Internal Speaker Switch

This switch enables you to turn the internal speaker on and off.


●      Auxiliary Jack

You can use the 3.5mm auxiliary jack to link up your FOXPRO Inferno with a FOXPRO Decoy. While in some cases sounds can be enough to attract predators, remember that those are cunning creatures. They will probably seek some kind of visual confirmation for the sound before deciding to check it out. That is where the decoy device comes into play. It’s possible to go without a visual decoy, but if you’re really serious about hunting, you will love using it. These two devices work perfectly well together and are very easy to link.


●      Battery indicator

It’s important to know how much charge is left in your batteries when you’re out in the field. The battery indicator glows a steady green when the battery is full and starts blinking once it becomes low. Always remember to bring extra batteries for your predator e-call before going out.


●      Tripod mount

I love the FOXPRO Inferno tripod because I find it easy to use on all kinds of terrain. Besides that, I like how the tripod mount is included with the core product. You won’t waste any time mounting your e-call in the field.


●      Warranty

The warranty for the FOXPRO Inferno is three years. If you truly like hunting and never miss a season, that’s really more than enough time to test out the product. I’ve never used my warranty since everything has been working up to this date.


●      Made in the USA!

Now, you can be patriotic and get something out of it. Here are some more high quality American made predator callers. This is one of my favorite things about Foxpro!


Let’s get into the pros and cons of the FOXPRO Inferno electronic predator call. I’ll do my best to stay objective and help you make your own judgment.


FOXPRO Inferno Pros:

  • FOXPRO Inferno is lightweight, practical and easily portable.
  • It is sturdy and will last you a long time.
  • It’s also very user-friendly, you can turn it on and off, change the volume, etc.
  • The price is reasonable for the quality and the number of features you get.
  • The sound quality is excellent.
  • You have many different sounds at your disposal.
  • You can organize the sounds into categories.
  • The remote control works great and is very easy to use.
  • You can modify it, add more speakers, sounds, etc.
  • It comes with a USB port, and you can easily connect it to a PC.
  • The tripod is very stable and sturdy.
  • The long warranty is always a plus.


FOXPRO Inferno Cons:

  • You’ll end up buying more calls. The starter package is very good, but over time, you’ll want to get serious and expand your range. Keep that in mind when buying.
  • You can update your sound categories on your main unit, but not via the remote.
  • You have to keep it out of the rain since it’s not waterproof.
  • The battery power doesn’t last especially long. It’s somewhat understandable since the product offers a decent range of features, but it would be nice if it lasted longer.
  • You will need to use an additional speaker if you’re hunting in the rain, wind or snow.

Why Buy The FOXPRO Inferno?

Overall, I find the FOXPRO Inferno well worth my time and money. It has proven to be a very good investment for me.


When it comes to hunting gear, you don’t have unlimited options, and complex devices like e-calls tend to be on the expensive side. Still, most hunters are ready to pay a good buck as long as the product delivers on its promises. Unfortunately, it’s way too easy to end up with a cheaply imported e-call device of mediocre quality. Such products cost a lot despite their lack of quality and are a total waste of money. Hence, why I have written this Foxpro Inferno review.

I like what the FOXPRO Inferno offers when compared to most of its competition. I’d say the ratio of quality and price works in your favor. It offers a huge number of options and features which you aren’t likely to find in other products. That especially applies to the sound storage capacity. Having a maximum of 200 sounds at your disposal means you can build a decent collection of calls and never have to think about it twice.


And even with all these options included, the FOXPRO Inferno is still very easy to use. It doesn’t take long to figure out how to operate it, and all the options are clear and easy to see in various weather conditions. The remote control works great at a decent range and is very fast. Overall, with FOXPRO Inferno, you won’t be able to blame your tech if you’re a lousy hunter since it works great.

 Final Thoughts

I hope my review has helped you make a decision. All things considered, I strongly believe that a high-quality tool is worth every cent as long as it gets the job done. A knock-off product will only make you frustrated and won’t last you a long time.


The FOXPRO Inferno has worked great for me, as the game would sometimes show up almost instantly. Besides, it works especially well when paired with other FOXPRO products, such as the decoy. If you are really passionate about hunting, you deserve the proper gear, and you won’t make a mistake with FOXPRO Inferno.